FTE delivers durable, reliable and fuel-efficient solutions with Alcoa wheels

Temperature-controlled equipment manufacturer, Fibreglass Transport Equipment, and Alcoa wheels have partnered to create fuel efficient solutions for more than 25 years. The reliability and consistency of the Alcoa range has helped provide the best possible equipment to meet customer needs.

Since 1976, Fibreglass Transport Equipment (FTE) has supplied the Australian food industry with a variety of lead trailers, semi-trailers and rigid vans to cart everything from fresh produce and meat products to pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive goods.

In addition to providing a thermally efficient and unique bonded body, free of mechanical type fasteners, this design results in outstanding fuel efficiency and a K value that the manufacturer claims surpasses the Australian Standard.

Committed to delivering the highest quality equipment, FTE’s preferred wheel of choice is Alcoa wheels.

A match to FTE’s exceptional equipment standards with not only its strength, durability, and fuel efficiency, Alcoa wheels are backed by more than 75 years of innovation and commitment to equally high standards.

“Alcoa have been a staple to the transport industry and our business,” says FTE National Sales Manager, Jason Cunningham. “The reliability and consistency we get from their product range helps provide the best possible equipment for our customers.”

With fuel efficiency being one of the hottest topics right now, and FTE’s equipment built to run efficiently, Alcoa wheels are an integral addition to the mix as they are relied on by companies like FTE to help their customers save more fuel, improve tyre performance, carry more load, and reduce maintenance costs.
The Alcoa wheels and FTE partnership goes back well over 25 years, with FTE becoming one of Alcoa’s earliest customers when aluminium wheels were first introduced to Australia.

Customers of FTE today specify a combination of polished Alcoa wheels and Dura-Bright wheels, according to their preference.

The Alcoa Ultra ONE 22.5” x 8.25” wheel is the lightest and strongest in the market, weighing in at just 18kg, compared with an average 23kg of other standard aluminium wheels, while being able to carry the same load, which means the equipment produces better fuel efficiency and more payload.

Alcoa Dura-Bright wheels take lowering maintenance to another level with their patented surface treatment that actually penetrates the surface of the aluminium and forms one composite to prevent filiform corrosion and ultimately, won’t peel or crack, which is often seen in coated wheels.

For fleets that uphold an impeccable image, like many who commission FTE to build their temperature-controlled equipment, Dura-Bright wheels make it easier by saving labour and time with their consistent shine without the need to polish.
Available across the Alcoa Wheel range, including the 18kg Ultra ONE wheel, Dura-Bright wheels combine strength, light weight and low maintenance for an all-round solution to support the bottom line.

“FTE and Alcoa wheels have been a good match for decades,” says Ross Simmons, Managing Director of Howmet Wheel Systems, distributor of Alcoa wheels in Australia. “Both companies’ commitment to innovating gives our customers the best products in the market, and continues to align to this day.”