GFR is set on expansion

For more than 20 years, with its roots in Acacia Ridge, Queensland, GFR Industries has served Australia’s transport industry. In the last three years, the equipment supplier has become an importer of some of the world’s leading hydraulic-related brands and has established a presence in the Victorian market while looking to expand across Australia and New Zealand.

Geoff Fane is the Managing Director and founder of GFR Industries with specialist expertise in transport, systems and engineering applications.

Meanwhile, Sales Manager, Kevin Ford, brings 35 years’ experience in the mobile and transport hydraulic industry.

“We have the capability to draw on a wealth of knowledge to put together the ideal solution for any application,” Geoff says. “Collaboration of experiences and knowledge brings an added benefit to our growing customer base and allows us to develop products and improve systems where a market need is identified.”

The company’s head office in Brisbane and is supported by a sales and distribution office in Melbourne which services the southern and western states.

“We are expanding in Victoria to be able to offer a fit-up service where required,” Geoff says.

The Brisbane head office provides component supply, system design, fitment and service whereas the Melbourne site provides sales and component supply and is also expanding to include fit-up service the local market.

“Our hydraulic system design with component specification and supply enables us to fulfil all of our customers’ equipment operational needs,” Geoff says.

GFR Industries also manages a network of service agents across most states and territories of Australia.

“We support a range of trucking companies and fleets to keep their heavy vehicles productive,” Geoff says.

GFR Industries as well as being an importer and distributor also stocks a wide range of complementary products.

“We are more than just a ‘box seller’,” Geoff says. “By stocking a comprehensive range of hydraulic components and kits we can supply to specification and design complete packages for transport and mobile hydraulic applications. This can range from sourcing trailer components to water truck or vacuum tanker applications and anything in between.”

Bezares is one of GFR Industries’ premier products – it is the third largest aftermarket Power Take-Off (PTO) manufacturer globally and also manufactures a range of auxiliary products including gears and piston pumps, motors, valves and cab controls.

“The Bezares product has been in the Australian market for many years but not marketed under the Bezares brand,” Geoff says. “GFR works closely with Bezares Spain in developing products to suit the Australian market.”

Hydro Leduc is another quality product, according to Geoff, with its foundations in France.

“Hydro Leduc products are designed based around long life and reliability,” he says. “Their range of fixed and variable displacement piston pumps and motors cover a wide range of applications in the market.”

Over the past three years GFR Industries has expanded its range outside of the transport industry and into the broader hydraulic market and into mobile and industrial applications. Pumps range from 12 to 150cc/rev, motors from 5 to 250cc/rev.

“All aspects of the Hydro Leduc product are controlled in-house, resulting in 100 per cent of the products produced being factory tested before shipping,” Geoff says.

GFR Industries also distributes and supports OMSI split shafts – high powered PTOs using a direct connection as well as Di Natale underbody rams which are widely recognised by body builders throughout Australia.

Fast Fact
GFR industries is the authorised Australian distributor for Bezares, Hydro Leduc, OMSI, AMI Control Valves and Di Natalie Rams.