Haar Australia launches next generation PreciPURE

Fuel metering and pumping technology specialist, Haar Australia, has released its latest PreciPURE model.

According to the manufacturer, PreciPURE Gen2 – also known as PreciPURE C1200 – is smaller in every dimension, lighter, simpler and provides faster delivery performance than its 2013 predecessor with revolutionised fuel systems.

Haar Australia founder and Managing Director, Ivan Lawrie, said this follows an extensive test period of over a year in outback New South Wales with outstanding reliability and performance results and overwhelmingly positive user feedback.

“This next generation delivery system is now so discreet you can barely see it on this ATE Tankers trailer for Simpsons Fuel,” he said.

“Still capable of gravity metering both petrol and diesel at up to 1,000 LPM, bulk pump metering at 1,000 LPM, and up to three wet hose (hose reel) outlets, Simpsons Fuel opted for a single hose reel for delivering multiple same flammability fuel variants.”

The new drain down technology that PreciPURE Gen2 provides is reported to ensure precise product changeover with the hose reel.

“An additional hose reel to deliver petrol can be added simply by adding the reel and a bolt on modular delivery valve which controls preset volumes and system drain down for product changeover,” said Lawrie. He added there are no hidden control boxes under the tank and the single user interface mounted above the hose reel is the only control unit in the system for user-friendly operations.

“We are particularly excited about this new system, with its predecessor which revolutionised the industry and this model improved in almost every way,” said Lawrie.

“Thanks to the team at Simpsons Fuel and ATE Tankers who did an amazing job building and putting this system into service.”

In other news, the PreciMix additive injection system from Haar Australia makes for even easier and reliable fuel injection onsite. With this technology, uptime is improved considerably as road tanker fleets can now distribute a variety of additivated fuels on the go.