Hamelex White’s PBS truck & quad-axle dog

More often than not, success is based on a company’s willingness to make the necessary changes – even if it means taking a chance on new technology. Transport and logistics company, Ostwald Bros, understands that to be amongst the elite in Australia’s transport industry, it needs equipment that can fulfil a number of purposes.

Athol Carter, Ostwald Bros’ Safety & Compliance Manager, is one person who understands the value of bringing in new and innovative equipment. “We pride ourselves on consistently adding the latest and innovative transport gear on the market, since we know it will keep us profitable and improve the productivity of our operation,” he says. “We also know building powerful partnerships with the companies that build the equipment for us is crucial. From my point of view, PBS makes perfect business sense.”

That’s why in November of 2013, Ostwald Bros called on Trailer Sales, the Queensland dealer for Hamelex White, to supply three sets of aluminium truck and quad-axle dog 20m combinations. It was a significant purchase, as it was the first time Ostwald had invested into equipment built under the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme. “We conducted extensive research into the benefits of PBS, which ended up becoming a two-year process, but it was all worth it,” recalls Athol. “The goal for acquiring the new truck and dogs was to reduce our footprint on the roads, raise productivity and maximise payload.”

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