HAULMAX Tyres deliver operational excellence

One of Australia’s largest tyre distributors, Australian Tyre Traders, is committed to helping transport operators achieve industry leading outcomes when it comes to investing in quality tyres.

An Australian family-owned organisation, Australian Tyre Traders (ATT) have developed an innovative purpose-built Haulmax tyre range specifically for Australian truck-bus operators.

The business works broadly within the original equipment sector, providing tyres and wheels for truck and trailer builders as well as with one of the largest independent national tyre dealer networks in Australia. ATT work with key customers across a range of industries from general transport to very specific heavy road train transport and mine haul, requiring robust tyres that are durable and work a long service life. ATT are committed to deliver not just the right products for the commercial fleets that depend on them, but also have developed a business infrastructure that delivers results on the ground for OEMs, tyre sellers, fleets and owner operators.

ATT sees roadside service as essential for optimising operational outcomes and have also developed its National – Haulmax Wingman 24/7 tyre service network that gives operators peace of mind anywhere in Australia. As of June 2021, this program averaged a job call allocation time of 15 minutes from the initial call in for support to the dealer allocating the service technician. This is a dedicated national dealer network that recognises the importance of keeping road freight companies on the move.

ATT consistently prove their quality tyres are a result of their dedicated research and development department that is involved with everything from the initial concept and design to the manufactured product. They underpin the results with dedicated CPK performance guarantees.

The 11R22.5 ATT105 Pilbara tyre was designed for local mine haul operations and the extreme climate they work in.

As an example of innovation, the newly released 11R22.5 ATT105 Pilbara tyre was designed for local mine haul operations to better handle the hard gravel roads and heat of the Pilbara. ATT engineers produced a unique casing design, complimented by cutting-edge compounds designed for the extreme climate and is used on trailers for on/off highway applications performing well above the competition. The tyre was designed in partnership with OEMs and large scale fleet operators following extensive on-the-ground research and analysis in the Pilbara by ATT’s Australian based engineers.

“New generation tyre compounds increase the tyre’s lifecycle which is particularly useful for vehicles traversing the harsh outback and unsealed roads,” says ATT Director, Shane Morrissy. “All Haulmax Tyres meet or exceed International Standards including DOT certification as well as undertake independent testing in Australia and offshore to evaluate the Haulmax Tyre range for the PBS program in Australia. Each day they continue to work with the end user operators, truck/trailer manufacturers, vehicle assessors, tyre resellers, manufacturers, and the governing body in NHVR. We really believe that if you’re not using Haulmax Truck Tyres for your equipment, you’re missing out.”

A testament to the quality of the product, and the confidence ATT places in it, Haulmax Tyres have a lifetime replacement guarantee, to covering any product issues. From a manufacturing perspective the Haulmax truck-bus tyre range is constructed using premium components to guarantee tyres perform in line with their designs.

In addition to supplying quality tyres, ATT backs its products with a vast network of expert authorised dealers found in more than 700 locations across Australia. The company’s national warehouse and distribution network is also at the ready to render assistance.
It’s Australian Tyre Trader’s commitment to providing the best products and service that has them recognised as a key investment for Australian Truck-Bus operators – through OEM fitment, national stock availability and national roadside assistance.

Fast Fact
Product performance, according to Australian Tyre Traders, is supported through stringent quality control, extensive Australian based research and development initiatives. Haulmax Tyres is also backed by an informed, high performance support team.

A 24/7 national truck tyre assistance program, Haulmax Wingman, supports drivers in the event of a truck and trailer breakdown.