High energy products and partnerships

Standardising on Lucidity lighting equipment for its new builds in late 2019 was a sound business decision according to aluminium tipper and body building specialist, Borcat Trailers.

From the earliest days of 1958 right through to the present, Borcat has never stopped searching for better ways to design and build its trailers, as well as seeking the best possible ancillary equipment to fit to them.

And so it was that the company started its association with Lucidity in October 2019, thus ensuring its products were from that date forward equipped with the cutting-edge excellence that Lucidity provides with its lighting. All wiring and IDM materials from Lucidity are also made in Australia.

“We are very pleased we made the decision to partner with Lucidity and we now use their excellent products on all of our trailer and body builds,” Borcat Trailers owner, Paul Gallagher says. “Our passion for local manufacturing with products designed fit for purpose here is something we are extremely proud of.”

According to Paul, the Lucidity products have made the job of installing wiring and lighting on the trailers easier and more efficient.

He cites several advantages including the ‘plug-and-play’ configuration which, as the term suggests, involves simply plugging the lights directly into the wiring harness via Deutsch Connectors, providing a watertight and reliable connection. This is in stark contrast to the earlier more time-consuming method of soldering the wires together which, while generally providing a reliable connection, also made the subsequent job of replacing the light due to damage or malfunction a lengthier exercise. Further to this, Paul says the fact that Lucidity supplies its products in kit form with everything necessary for each project is another boon for production efficiency.

He also vouches for the quality and longevity of the Lucidity products, remarking that since October 2019 when its partnership with Lucidity started, Borcat is yet to have a single warranty issue.
“The circuits are very reliable and designed to withstand the tough working conditions that tipper trailers are exposed to on a daily basis,” Paul says. “We swear by Lucidity’s Integrated Distribution Module (IDM) for electrical connections because it eliminates from the trailer the old-fashioned junction box and all the wire splices that are prone to corrosion and failure. The IDM is a robust and reliable product, and as I mentioned before, we have simply had no issues with them since we first installed them in October 2019.”

Borcat uses the Glo Trac 26059 Series of rear combination lamps, which is said to be the first rear combination lamp to introduce the latest Glo Trac lens design in the Australia market. According to Lucidity, its 26059 lamp is an ideal product for the tipper market due to its low profile and lightweight design. The Glo Trac principle is said to increase the illumination area which significantly improves safety during night driving as the light distribution is even and has no glaring high intensity LEDs visible.

Lucidity’s Glo Trac 26275 Series side marker lamps encompass the same features as the taillights in a smaller side marker design.

The products are ADR-approved, multi-volt (12/24V), IP67 rated and feature a heavy-duty polycarbonate lens with the highest possible resistance to breakage. They are covered by a five-year warranty.
Also used by Borcat is the 22809 Series work lamp which has a multi-volt operation of 12 to 36 Volts. All mounting hardware of this series is stainless steel and the lens material is polycarbonate.

According to Paul, the distinct advantages of investing in these products are their robust construction and light weight, the fact they are ADR-approved and come with a five-year warranty, and that they are supplied in kit form to suit Borcat-specific trailer builds.

“Lucidity products definitely add value to our trailer builds due to these advantages,” Paul says.
“Another great benefit is the staff at Lucidity – they are extremely professional and proficient at what they do and are always keen to accommodate our needs.”

Fast Fact
Lucidity’s Glo Trac range of 26059 Series rear combination lamps and 26275 Series side marker lamps are ADR-approved, multi-volt (12/24V), IP67 rated and feature a tough, heavy-duty polycarbonate lens with the highest possible resistance to breakage. The products are covered by a five-year warranty.