High performance RFS package release

Leading trailer builder and family business, Krueger Transport Equipment, now provides high performance axle and suspension systems that offer the equivalent performance of leading European and US brands – backed by national service centre and emergency vehicle support networks.

While Managing Director and founder, John Krueger, has been committed to delivering hard wearing, innovative trailer combinations since 1976, he is just as focused on providing industry with the best of the best when it comes to trailer componentry – even if it means embarking on an engineering odyssey that would see him stand out and rise above the competition with never-before-seen axle and suspension options from an Australian trailer manufacturer.

What drove John to persevere in this niche was his frustration with dealing with local agents who represented offshore axle and suspension businesses that produce products that are often subject to premature failure – and then there are instances of unresolved warranty issues as a result of protracted dealings with external third parties. Something had to change, and John worked on his alternative.

Through sheer diligence, relying heavily on his own team for rigorous in-house testing, John worked on various trailer designs and running gear technologies. Without the backing of a multinational entity, John succeeded in his laborious efforts, introducing his certified air suspension concept known as Road Friendly Suspension (RFS).

“Krueger developed the only Australian-made suspension, specifically designed for Australian road conditions,” he says. ‘Being wholly Australian-owned, we work closely with our customers to develop new designs, both tested and developed on metropolitan roads and Australian highways, in a much shorter timeframe than imported brands can offer. RFS carries the stamp of Government approval, under the Federal Government’s Australian Design Rules (ADR) requirements.”
Innovation at Krueger Transport Equipment is continuous which is why the trailer builder is expanding its RFS portfolio with the launch of a high performance, low maintenance suspension package.

Krueger now offers disc brake axles and drum brakes, which John says enhances linehaul fleet requirements, emphasising reliability and long-term durability. “It is available with steel or alloy hubs,” he says. “The hub has preset bearings, synthetic semi-fluid high performance lubricant requiring reduced service frequency. Also, the outboard brake drum features quick change brake shoes for reduced maintenance time, while catch straps are fitted to all axles to increase shock absorber service life.”

Krueger Transport Equipment, according to John, only selects the best-in-world suppliers to manufacture component parts from the shock absorbers to the parabolic springs to the air bags.

Due to ever-increasing interest in the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme, Krueger Transport Equipment engaged an independent engineering consulting firm to put the RFS range through a series of tests to confirm its compliance with PBS. With the performance data gathered and the subsequent certification on vertical stiffness, roll stiffness and roll steer coefficient, Krueger is able to offer its customers PBS trailer combinations on the RFS suspension and axle range.
Krueger has bolstered its product support and national distribution through its partnership with The Brown & Hurley Group establishing strong industry connections in distribution, supported by the Krueger Transport Equipment technical service and spare parts teams dedicated to the RFS portfolio.

1 million km bearing warranty

The Krueger Road Friendly Suspension model is designed to enhance linehaul fleet performance, emphasising reliability and long-term durability. The hub has preset bearings, synthetic semi-fluid lubricant requiring reduced service frequency.

Road Friendly Suspension options

  • 9,000kg capacity axle for highway use
  • 11,000kg heavy duty axle for road train applications
  • Large diameter 350 air bag 
  • Shock absorber catch straps
  • Axle lift mount on front hanger
  • Raise lower valve and auto return to ride height
  • RFS easy read weigh gauge system

Disc brake axle
This disc brake axle configuration is a lighter-weight option which is specified for specific transport applications, featuring three 20-inch disc brakes and the latest Road Friendly Suspension innovations.

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