High productivity Vawdrey A-double hits the road for Kreskas

A boom in local manufacturing prompted Victorian container handling specialist, Kreskas Bros. Transport, to invest in a Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved A-double from Vawdrey Australia.

“Like Vawdrey Australia, Kreskas is a fourth-generation family owned and operated business,” said Kreskas Bros. Transport CEO, Peter Hill.

“We always look to support another family business where possible.”

Hill has been with the business for 25 years and started out in operations.

Kreskas is the largest road carrier of import and export containers between Port of Melbourne and regional Victoria and supports local manufacturers including Freedom Foods, Bega Cheese, SPC, Pental Products and Campbell Soup Company.

“Since 1968 the business has operated out of Lemnos, Shepparton,” said Hill.

“We offer container pack, unpack and storage services and manage our own container yard, at our complex, as well as container yards with lifting equipment at major client sites.”

Hill said the Goulburn Valley has seen significant growth in manufacturing even through Covid-19.

“We have continued to grow in line with our clients’ needs,” he said. “This prompted us to expand our fleet and have commissioned a number of A-doubles over the past 18 months as our clients move to 40′ rather than 20′ container use.

“Vawdrey made an offer to design an A-double set that could be used by our fleet and conforms with High Productivity Vehicle (HPV) requirements.”

Hill found Vawdrey to be extremely helpful from consultation to purchase to delivery.

“The fixed drawbar on the new A-double we hope will improve stability and reduce tyre wear and maintenance,” he said.