Hottest custom build

Layanda Transport carts bitumen to remote locations around the country and chose its latest Tieman bitumen tanker for its proven heat retention, best in industry payload design and Australian built quality finish.

In 2001 Tieman launched its first stainless steel bitumen tanker – an industry first innovation.

Twenty years later the non-corrosive stainless steel design has proven the Tieman investment reduces long term maintenance and operational costs through its superior heat retention. This saves gas or diesel costs and minimises demurrage expenses as less heating hours are required. Add in the extra payload every load due to the tanker’s lighter tare weight and the return on the Tieman investment is compelling.

A mirror finish.

Layne and Amanda Moulds, owners of Layanda Transport based in New South Wales and Victoria, take pride in their Tieman tanker looking its best. The polished mirror finish hose and kerosine tubes, lights, ladder, toolboxes, side underrun protection reflect the image and reliability that underpins their bitumen being delivered safely and on time at the right temperature.

Tieman now have two proprietary and patent applied heating systems for gas and for diesel. Customers choose between the two subject to the availability of gas in remote locations around Australia.

With both systems, Tieman integrates failsafe level sensors to ensure the burners cannot be lit without product being over the burner tube. Both systems also have over temperature automatic shut offs with relevant hardware rated for full compliance. Whether diesel or gas Tieman fit electrical control cabinets which are robust, clear in operational signage and easy for maintenance.

All bitumen transport companies have the same industry safety issues and concerns, so Tieman include its safety features as standard and as an integrated solution for the operator to reduce risk of injury. An additional safety feature is a Tieman patented pneumatic vent, additional to the free-to-air vent to allow the operator to discharge product without the need to climb to the top of the tanker to open the top hatch. Visible from the ground when the vent is open or closed, it also guarantees pressurisation of the tanker cannot occur should the free-to-air vent become blocked.

Layanda Transport owner, Layne Moulds.

With major ongoing investments in road and infrastructure increasing around the country, Tieman stainless steel bitumen tankers will be playing a key role. Companies are often charged expensive demurrage costs so the less heating required means less costs incurred and road crews are simply kept doing their job. Tieman’s legendary heat retention is unparalleled in the industry.

All tankers are 100 per cent manufactured in Australia by Tieman, an Australian family owned business. Building bitumen tankers since 1988 has given the Tieman team unsurpassed experience to get it right – delivering quality that is remembered many years after delivery.