Hydreco raises expectations

One of the leading names in transport tipping equipment, Powauto, has been associated with robust and reliable PTOs for more than 60 years.

In 1959 in a nondescript factory at Gladesville in Sydney’s inner west, the first Powauto PTOs (Power Take-Offs) were being manufactured for an expanding transport industry craving the newfound quality of the products.

Fast forward 62 years and Powauto is now owned by the multi-national Hydreco Group, based at Poole in the UK, which has expanded to incorporate a complete range of transport hydraulic equipment in addition to a range of PTOs to suit nearly all truck transmissions and applications.

Hydreco, however, has never lost touch with its roots and is still designing and engineering PTOs and hydraulic components in Australia to suit the harshest of conditions this country can throw at them.

As such, Hydreco Powauto PTOs are commonly found in the iron ore mines of Western Australia, the coal mines of North Queensland, the wheat fields of NSW and the stop start traffic of the capital cities, to name a few.

Hydreco also exports PTOs around the world from its Smeaton Grange (western Sydney) facility to places like New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, China, Russia, USA, Europe, and the Middle East for use in some of the toughest applications the world over.

Apart from PTOs, Hydreco also supplies a complete range of world-class hydraulic products that includes pumps, valves, hoists and oil tanks as well as a range of complementary items such as air and electric controls, tailgate swing and body pivot kits and tailgate and dolly lock air cylinder kits.

While the Hydreco name is synonymous with quality products which can withstand the toughest of conditions, the company also prides itself on remaining innovative and flexible with the designs of its equipment and systems.

For example, as available real estate to fit PTOs and pumps on trucks has progressively shrunk, Hydreco has embarked on a mission to reduce the size and weight to make installation not only easier but safer as well.

For instance, the new 4800 Series Hot Shift PTO, to suit Allison automatic transmissions that are prevalent on modern trucks, is now 22mm lower in height than the earlier 38 series and is also 10kg lighter, while maintaining the same torque capacity and offering an extra three ratios.

Hydreco Powauto PTOs are specified as original equipment with some of Australia’s major truck manufacturers and suppliers and the full range of transport hydraulic components is available through a nationwide network of distributors and resellers.