Illuminating international quality

HELLA is committed to maximising the advantages of LED technology to deliver a wide range of innovative, efficient and highly durable lighting products that offer maximum performance, class-leading reliability and genuine long-term value for end-users. This is achieved through a zero-compromise approach when it comes to design, choice of materials and manufacturing standards.

HELLA is a global leader in vehicle lighting across all platforms and is at the forefront of LED lighting solutions for trucks and trailers.

It works with Special Original Equipment (SOE) customers who mainly specialise in vehicle and trailer builds and provides custom lighting solutions where required. The expansion of the DuraLED range, however, as new products are released, increases the number of options for trailer builders and fleets, allowing them to specify their optimum lighting solution.

DuraLED was first designed in 1996, field trialled in 1998 and since 1999 has seen a transformation in terms of generational changes that are comparable to tech developments with mobiles phones.

“The generational enhancements have primarily focused upon improvements in technology and material selection,” says HELLA National Manager – SOE On-Hwy, Cameron Hoy. “For example, using the very latest SMD (Surface Mount Device) electronics has allowed the lamps to offer the same performance yet with a slimmer lens design, which improves their structural strength and makes them less prone to impact damage.”

DuraLED series lighting is used across a wide range of freight commercial vehicle applications – mostly for signal lighting and rear combination and marker lamps – however its reputation for being able to withstand some of the harshest conditions has also made it the ideal choice in sectors such as mining, fuel haul, livestock transportation and tippers.

These lamps have many advantages over traditional bulbs including longevity.


“As the average life of a general freight trailer is around 15 years, when embarking on the design of the first generation of DuraLED signal lamps in the mid 1990s, our design team at HELLA New Zealand adopted a philosophy of ‘Fit and Forget by Design’,” Cameron says. “Over the last two decades, with the success of the DuraLED series in the Australian market, this approach has become firmly embedded as a design ethos that’s evident in the design and development of all of the lighting products that originate from HELLA New Zealand.”

The DuraLED range, according to Cameron, is continually expanding to provide trailer builders and fleets a wider choice of products, ensuring they have solutions for every commercial application. In recent years, HELLA has included ultra-wide visibility optics, Enhanced Definition Technology (EDT), circuit protection and flexible, robust mounting systems.

“The DuraLED series not only meets IP 6K6/IP 6k7 ratings but does so by using a hermetical sealing process which performs far beyond current industry standards during testing, ensuring complete protection of the critical electronics,” Cameron says. “All HELLA DuraLED signal lamps meet either local ADR (CTA) or European ECE type approval.”

Heavy vehicle owners and operators across Australia hold safety in the highest regard. This influences their decision making processes when investing in the latest truck and trailer technologies.

“The transport industry is all about safety, reliability and the best return on investment,” Cameron says. “Professional operators would never compromise on safety items like brakes, tyres or suspension. Lights are no different in that they are a critical safety item, too.”

HELLA also has a ‘Fit and Forget’ lifetime warranty for its DuraLED lamps which goes to show how confident the lighting specialist is about its products being fitted to trailers operating in harsh environments and conditions.

“DuraLED products have been in service on Australian roads for over two decades and this proven reliability, in continuous use in real world conditions and harsh environments, affirms our confidence in the product range and demonstrates to fleets that it’s more than up to the task,” Cameron says.

HELLA is also committed to minimising the adverse environmental impacts of its activities and products, which, according to Cameron, is another reason why the company’s focus is on creating energy efficient, high quality products with a long lifespan rather than ‘disposable’ products that are cheaper or easier to discard when they fail.

“We are very proud that DuraLED is designed and manufactured by our HELLA NZ plant which uses electricity from 100 per cent renewable sources,” Cameron says. “Furthermore, local manufacturing means these products have a very low carbon footprint.”

Retro Reflector.

HELLA has a new product, the HELLA DuraLED Combi-SR Lamp, which incorporates a built-in retro reflector – ideal for vehicles with limited space to mount a separate reflector.

“Spurred on by the success of the iconic DuraLED Combi (part number 2379), our designers were keen to find ways to further enhance the product and consulted with the industry as part of this process,” Cameron says. “The result is the new DuraLED Combi-SR. The Combi-SR Lamp now incorporates a Grilamid Lens with all five-functions, including a built-in retro reflector, saving both time and money on installation. An integrated ‘plug and play’ six-way DT Connector option is also available for enhanced installation and flexibility.The additional benefits offered by the Combi-SR have been extremely well received.”

HELLA Compatibility Solution (HCS) is an option available with the DuraLED Combi-SR.

“HCS essentially means these lamps work seamlessly with many late model vehicle electrical systems where Indicator Failure Detection is present, commonly known in Australia as ‘tell tale warning’ ADR 13/00 6.5.8,” Cameron says. “This allows the vehicle to recognise an indicator failure and warn the driver.”

HELLA products are proudly stocked by all leading auto electrical wholesalers and truck dealers across Australia and New Zealand, including NAPA, Ashdown Ingram, Paccar Kenworth, Vawdrey, Daimler Trucks, Multispares, Penski, MaxiParts and Bapcor.

Fast Fact
‘Fit and Forget by Design’ is everything with DuraLED – it’s the ethos that gives DuraLED products their class-leading strength and reliability as well as a unique DuraLED ‘Life Time Warranty’ (which warrants the products for the life of the vehicle they were originally fitted to).

Fast Fact
For situations where extreme impact is likely, HELLA has the upgrade option available to specify Grilamid over its commercial vehicle grade High Impact Acrylic. Both offer excellent protection against UV exposure and resistance to commonly used chemicals and vehicle washes, however Grilamid is the gold standard.

Fast Fact
One of HELLA’s latest additions to the DuraLED product range include moulded-in-Deutsch (DT) Connectors. This means the builder can easily install the product without reworking the cable, plus the fleet can quickly change out the lamp should the light get broken due to unforeseen circumstances.