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Over the past decade, Boral has continued to demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainable development and to improve performance to a level of industry best practice. To maintain that innovative edge and build a strong foundation for the future, the company has now ordered two 25m stainless steel bitumen B-doubles built by Tieman.

To help Boral sustain a leading position in Australia’s demanding commercial road transport industry, Melbourne based tanker expert Tieman has continued to develop their stainless steel tanker design that does not only offer improved heat retention and additional payloads, but also further maximises safety.

“Dealing with one of Australia’s leading companies in the construction supplies industry has made us realise that we need to offer a design that can do more than just cart a lot of bitumen at the right temperature,” Tieman’s Joint Managing Director, Colin Tieman. “Our 25m B-double is now the industry benchmark in heat retention, safety and build quality.”

According to Colin, the shining stainless steel surface is more than just a seal of quality; it’s a blank canvas offering new marketing opportunities. “It will certainly turn heads and represent the Boral brand in a whole new light.”

Combining a 16,500 litre A-trailer and a 30,500-litre tri-axle tank to follow it, Tieman’s 25m BD solution is based on a corrosion resistant stainless steel barrel with a ring construction. “Tieman’s stainless steel design can offer maximum heat retention, combined with a long lifespan,” says Wayne Webster, Field Supervisor at Boral Logistics. “Considering Tieman’s build quality, these tankers will potentially last us more than 15 years. Experience has shown that their product is built to last and can really go the distance.”

According to Wayne, Boral Logistics’ Victoria division already operates a Tieman bitumen B-double built in 2006 – so he knew exactly what to expect. “We had a close look at the competition, but Tieman was able to come up with a lightweight design and an effective pump-out system that would decrease our loading time significantly. In addition, we have worked together closely to create a very safe vehicle. It’s not all about the price, it’s about performance, quality and, most importantly, safety.”

Since OH&S is a top priority for the ever-growing Boral brand, the new Tieman tankers are all fitted with a non-slip walkway area, collapsible pneumatically operated handrails that are inter-connected with the rear hinged ladder and the trailers’ park brake systems. Tieman’s unique rear ladder design ensures no one can climb up top without the handrails activating.

Wayne states, “Safety is the first agenda item for all Boral meetings, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our safety performance continues to improve. We are 100 per cent committed to the safety of our people, customers and the communities in which we operate. And Tieman is a company who has a focus on building safe equipment as well.”

For instance, both B-doubles feature internally mounted pumps with the valve handles operated from ground level to assist with safe operation for the drivers
In addition, BPW’s proven airbag suspension with vertically mounted rear shock absorbers ensures a safe ride, while disc brakes including EBS meet Boral’s high safety standard.

Tieman also claims their “best-in-industry” heat retention not only saves on significant gas heating costs, but also assists fleets in managing driver fatigue rules as less heating is required with a Tieman bitumen tanker.

“The support Tieman offers is just great. Nothing is ever too complicated, they don’t hesitate to come out and help. Plus, Tieman can draw back on a company history of almost 60 years of experience, which are put to good use in product development, advice and service. We have the opportunity to view our tankers on Tieman’s 3 D designs prior to build which ensures we get exactly what we want.”

It is such dedication that has made Tieman a preferred brand to carry the well-known Boral logo. “Our national logistics management is in touch with all our subsidiaries around the country to ask for feedback so we know exactly how our equipment performs in different environments. And, the fact that Tieman has also supplied bitumen tankers for our divisions in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia is an important sign of their ability to deliver what we need.”

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