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  • Omni Tanker launches OmniTAINER

    Omni Tanker launches OmniTAINER

    The compelling combination of higher returns with enhanced safety has provided the platform for Sydney based innovator, Omni Tanker, to launch the OmniTAINER – the world’s first carbon fibre composite ISO tank container – into the global market, in partnership with tank container leasing powerhouse, Eurotainer.

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  • Curtain call for locally developed clearcoat

    Curtain call for locally developed clearcoat

    Curtain-sider trailers typically double as huge, road-going billboards and protecting these graphics long into the future has taken a blend of local ingenuity and global technology.

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  • Environmentally friendly Powerdown shock absorber development

    Environmentally friendly Powerdown shock absorber development

    Heavy-duty equipment specialist, Powerdown, has taken a step further in developing an environmentally friendly shock absorber solution.

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  • BPW axles and suspensions

    BPW axles and suspensions

    Tasmanian logging and logistics company, Padgett Group, has been exclusively specifying BPW trailer axles and suspension for the past decade. In that time the components have proven to offer outstanding reliability and durability under typically harsh operating conditions.

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  • Dulux FleetShield

    Dulux FleetShield

    For many fleets, corporate branding is very highly regarded. Trucks and trailers serve as mobile billboards, so operators take great pride in how they are presented out on the road. The Dulux FleetShield Commercial Vehicle Refinishing System helps to ensure its customers’ equipment looks the part.

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  • Loadman LM300 Can Coder

    Loadman LM300 Can Coder

    To assist fleets with operating at maximum load capacity while benefitting from greater road access, the Loadman LM300 Can Coder is approved to meet interim on-board mass specifications for Performance-Based Standards-approved combinations.

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