Introducing the HAULMAX Wingman program, getting you there is everything

One of Australia’s largest tyre innovators and distributors, Australian Tyre Traders, is committed to not only providing industry leading innovation and outcomes with their approach to developing quality tyres, but also in helping transport companies access world class service when they need it most.

Australian Tyre Traders (ATT), the company that created the Haulmax Wingman 24/7 National Tyre Assist program, is an Australian owned and operated, private family business that has been in the Australian tyre industry for over 20 years.

Understanding the significant costs downtime adds to the bottom line of every transport operator, it developed the Haulmax Wingman program – allowing transport operators to gain access to tyre services and support Australia wide while setting a new standard in the Australian transport industry.

The Haulmax Wingman program, underpinned by over 260 independently owned tyre services in Australia, boasts access to more service partners than any other similar program.

“When we set out to create the Haulmax Wingman program, we designed it with our dealer partners and transport operators as the focus,” says ATT Director, Shane Morrissy. “As an Australian, family owned and operated business, we understand that transport companies and drivers alike want to support their local community, the Wingman Program allows them to do just that.”

Prior to the creation of the Haulmax Wingman Program there had been a significant gap in the Australian marketplace. Especially for national fleets, where their primary option has been to use a corporately owned company for national supply and service.

Heralded as a true partner to Australian transport companies and tyre services alike, the Haulmax Wingman program, allows companies to truly live their values of supporting local, privately owned, Australian businesses.

“I’ve been recommending Haulmax Tyres to my customers for years based on the quality of the product and the kilometres it gets, once I was shown the Haulmax Wingman program and understood how it can help my customers, I didn’t hesitate to sign up and use it,” says Jean-Paul Vella of All Tyres Australia.

In stark contrast to corporate companies in Australia, Haulmax Wingman takes no commission for use of their program, which allows the tyre dealer to be able to provide fixed cost services and the fleet company to be able to achieve their operational targets through greater efficiency and consistency.

The Haulmax Wingman program is supported by the Haulmax Tyres range of Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tyres that have been specifically designed in Australia, by their locally based engineers, to be purpose built for application.

“As a Deniliquin based transport company it’s great to be able to get support and service anywhere in Australia on our fleet of vehicles while still supporting our local tyre service, Roundabout Tyre & Auto who we have had a relationship with for over 40 years,” says Frank Lumbar of Lumbar’s Transport Deniliquin. “We have used Haulmax Tyres product on all of our trucks for the past eight years and are happy with the results they achieve. We didn’t hesitate to sign up to the Haulmax Wingman program when it was recommended to us. We like the simplicity of having one number to call, one bill to pay, and security that no matter where in Australia they are, our drivers are covered, all whilst supporting an Australian owned, family run company.”

The Haulmax Tyres national team have over 500 years of combined tyre industry experience. Head Engineer Ed Jensz, having 50-plus years of experience in the Australian Tyre Industry alone. From tyre design to factory management Ed has experience in every aspect of the tyre industry. Our Chief Field Engineer, Russell Kennedy, also has a further 50-plus years’ experience in the tyre industry.

On the benefits of having a local product engineering team, Shane says: “This approach enables us to be flexible in our approach to tyre design. For example, we sent our product engineering team to the Pilbara in Western Australia, to experience the unique conditions of the region, gather information on the roads, applications and issues faced by companies operating in such extremes. Based on this research and feedback from transport operators in the region we created the ATT105 – Pilbara. A completely re-imagined trailer tyre designed from the ground up. Show me any other brand that can provide those results. That’s the benefit of being local.”

ATT and Haulmax Tyres are aligned with OEM truck and trailer manufacturers in Australia to provide an exceptional experience from the moment new equipment is being engineered.

Performance-Based Standards (PBS) is a large focus for OEM truck and trailer manufacturers and the transport industry, ATT has been heavily involved in providing quality outcomes that fit the PBS framework.

Having Haulmax tyres tested locally, and all data gathered on Australian roads. This contrasts with most international manufacturers that have their data collected overseas and supplied to the Australian assessors.

Because of its extensive knowledge and location there is an opportunity for the OEM manufacturers and fleet operators to get ATT involved in any new builds from the outset.

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