It’s cold inside

By investing in Schmitz Cargobull’s trailers, Mystgold Owner, David Morgan, has seen thermal and fuel efficiencies rise in his company.

Mystgold Transport is a family-owned transport company based in North Queensland which was established in 1991. The business was recently purchased by the D.J. Morgan Transport Group and is dedicated to personal service to deliver groceries, fruit, vegetables and milk to
their clients.

Meanwhile, Schmitz Cargobull continues to grow its market share across Australia and New Zealand. With increased production volumes of the full chassis offering from their Melbourne-based assembly plant, Schmitz Cargobull can cater for all cold chain fleet requirements. The locally produced reefer trailers are proving to be the perfect accompaniment to the fully imported German manufactured SKO short chassis distribution reefer trailers.

There are a lot of important aspects to a transport company, but for Mystgold Transport the top priority is the way it delivers goods.

Mystgold Transport has been working with a major supermarket chain for the last nine years, delivering grocery, fruit and vegetables items to their supermarkets seven days a week.

Mystgold Transport owner, David Morgan, says his trucks deliver to many towns in North Queensland, and he has invested in Schmitz Cargobull’s trailers to deliver to his clients.

“With one particular run we go to Mount Isa six nights a week, with one of Australia’s major supermarket chains, we choose the Cargobull trailers for the run out to Mount Isa because of their thermal efficiencies,” he says.

The unique design of the Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated body means that it has a much higher thermal efficiency compared to alternatives available in the market. The design of the external panels prevents air leakage, meaning the fridges do not need to work too hard which is ideal for long-term use particularly in terms of wear and tear. These trailers are also well insulated, which means the fridge running times are cut down completely, as once the required temperature is reached, the fridge can maintain the temperature and prevent outside elements such as heat from affecting it.

“We have 81 trailers, five of them are from Schmitz Cargobull.” David says – adding his first purchase of a Schmitz Cargobull trailer was due to immediate supply, but he soon realised their potential after that.
Schmitz Cargobull were quick to market and supply trailers which lead David to acquiring an additional four.

“Initially it was to do with supply,” David says.

“They were able to supply to our needs immediately, when we required it. Since then, we have purchased more because of the fuel efficiency.

“Running to Mount Isa, they’re up to 30 litres better off per round trip than the other major competitor.”

David says some of the important features of his latest Schmitz Cargobull trailer include Electronic Braking System (EBS), thermal efficiency, service backup, fuel efficiency and weight saving.

The EBS detects what’s going on with each wheel set. It prevents brake locking and roll over by automatically applying the brakes to wheels.

David says Schmitz Cargobull’s aftersales support is great and very helpful. “I recently met Managing Director, Les Lange, to sort a minor issue. He was up here immediately to look himself as to what had happened, and I find that excellent. Also, we know that the stock is going to get to the store in pristine condition, with no degradation or breakdown through temperature loss, and the efficiency of fuel. There’s a temperature that’s held, and it’s efficient to run.”

The transport of food has many high demands, such as cleanliness and temperature control. According to David, these requirements are met and surpassed by leading German design.

The refrigerated bodies are based on Schmitz Cargobull’s state-of-the-art Ferroplast insulation technology.

The claimed advantages of this technology include high resistance to corrosion, reduced thermal expansion, higher penetration resistance, greater strength, vapour diffusion resistance and being odour neutral.

Fast Fact
Brown and Hurley are Schmitz Cargobull’s dealer group throughout northern New South Wales and Queensland.