Jost offers Lubetronic as standard

Jost has announced it will now equip all low maintenance fifth wheel couplings from the JSK 37CW and JSK 42W series with the LubeTronic automatic lubrication system.
In doing so, Jost has become the first and only manufacturer of fifth-wheel couplings for long distance traffic applications to equip offer this fully automated lubrication system for the lock jaw as standard.

The JSK 37CW and JSK 42W fifth wheel couplings have top plate liners that allow greaseless operation of the coupling plate, in addition to a plastic seal and maintenance-free joints or side-bearings.

The standard mini-lubrication system, LubeTronic, eliminates the need for the lock jaw to be lubricated, as was previously necessary.

The LubeTronic is mounted directly onto the fifth wheel coupling and has an integrated supply of lubricant as well as an electronic control which is supplied by a built-in battery. No other source of power is necessary.

The LubeTronic automatically maintains the lock jaw for three years or 300,000km, supplying grease and thus constantly ensuring reliable and safe functioning. This makes the JSK 37CW and JSK 42W fifth wheel couplings well-suited for long distance traffic and tanker applications.

The Lube-Tronic is also authorised for use in hazardous-cargo vehicles.


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