Keeping Matilda moving

Matilda Walking Floors at Badgerys Creek in western Sydney has been constructing trailers using fasteners supplied by The WDS Group since 1983. The strong relationship between the two firms has endured thanks to mutual respect and exceptional levels of service and quality.

Established in 1978, Matilda Walking Floors (MWF) is a division of Australian Native Landscapes (ANL), one of the largest landscape supply operations in Sydney.

ANL operates around 250 trucks and 100 or so front-end loaders. The company’s workshop has two bays which are dedicated to the operations of MWF which builds moving floor trailers for the ANL fleet in addition to units for other transport companies.

According to the Manager of MWF, Martin Bognuda, who commenced employment with the company in 1981, ANL brought the moving floor concept to Australia in the early 1980s and has been building trailers equipped with them ever since.

“We built them in larger quantities early in the piece and had up to 25 people working for us to construct them,” Martin says. “But gradually other trailer manufacturers started building them and took away some of our market share.”

Martin explains that MWF has always been a sideline for ANL and that the main focus is on building trailers for its own use.
He says the company avails of WDS for all the fasteners used to construct the moving floor trailers including the specialised transport industry bolts and chassis bolts.

“WDS has also sourced a special wear bolt for our timber grinding machines and various other unique fasteners we’ve required – nothing has ever been too much trouble for the company which is why we have stuck with them over all these years,” Martin says.

“The company has looked after us very well and we are happy to maintain our loyalty to them for the personalised service they provide.”

Martin says the biggest challenge the company faces is a lack of skilled tradespeople to build the trailers. He explains that 20 years ago there were around 27 people in the workshop whereas today there are just three.

“We just can’t get the people to do the work – we struggle to get motor mechanics and we struggle to get body builders,” he says.

“I’m 62 years old now and I’m still building the trailers because we can’t get the right people to employ.”

While the world has altered a lot in the almost four decades since MWF started its enduring relationship with The WDS Group, the reliable supply of quality fasteners at a fair price remains unchanged.

Fast Fact
The WDS Group has been faithfully supplying Matilda Walking Floors with all of its fastener needs for the best part of four decades.