Krueger’s key to success

Multimodal transport and logistics provider, Tasman Logistics Services, relies on Krueger Transport Equipment’s service and product quality to excel in business.

Ivan Vanis, CEO of Tasman Logistics Services, holds a longstanding partnership with trailer manufacturer, Krueger Transport Equipment.

“They are our go-to for new equipment,” he says. “The service and quality of their product and competitive pricing structure are the key reasons we have remained loyal to Krueger for more than 15 years.”

Tasman Logistics Services has made considerable investments in its Performance-Based Standards (PBS) fleet including the acquisition of Krueger PBS-approved A-double combinations.

“They have been fantastic and are a key asset within our fleet,” he says. “We have had no issues with the equipment. There have been obvious productivity gains although we are still struggling at times with weight allowances and mixing/matching containers to ensure we are compliant on the road. There seem to be more and more PBS combinations on the road across the industry which goes to show the efficiency and success of these vehicles.”

As for Krueger’s workmanship and engineering capabilities, Ivan’s workshop staff rate Krueger’s team at a very high level.

“We are constantly working on new projects including infrastructure jobs that have requirements for specialised and specific equipment,” Ivan says. “We are seeing changes and modifications to equipment to make it safer and more efficient. I feel that we will be seeing more and more longer vehicles on the road as our freight task grows.”

Fleet presentation is also extremely important to Ivan.

“We want our equipment looking sharp on the roads,” he says. “We have a maintenance and cleaning program in place for all of our equipment and an amazing team that manages all that. Krueger knows our branding and colours well and it makes it easier when placing orders.”

Tasman Logistics Services’ business, according to Ivan, is quite diverse.

“We pride ourselves on being able to assist all customers with all kinds of freight,” he says. “We have a mentality in our business that if we are asked to do something that isn’t within our current scope of works, we will endeavour to create a new area of expertise through the acquisition of talented people. We are excited to be involved in some major infrastructure projects that keep everyone on their toes as it’s far from a conventional ‘pick up and drop off’ scenario.”

Fortunately, Ivan’s business has not been overly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. “There are a handful of clients with volumes that have slowed due to their exposure to the hospitality and entertainment industries, however we are also a service provider to large multinationals that are essential services whose volumes have grown significantly. The drop and rise in different clients have basically offset each other to show overall we are roughly where we were pre-Covid-19.”

Earlier this year Ivan joined a number of industry partners in an initiative led by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) to transport more than 20 shipping containers to support families who lost their homes during the recent bushfires.

“The opportunity to assist our fellow Australian’s at a time when they needed our assistance arose with the VTA and other industry partners,” Ivan says. “It was a time when competitors came together for the common good of helping people who had gone through a tough time. Helping our local community and beyond is a key part of our mission in being a successful business, a time when profit is put aside to assist those who needed us most.”

Ivan was also named Young Achiever of the Year at the Australian Freight Industry Awards (AFIA). he says being awarded this prestigious accolade was a career highlight and an absolute honour.

“The recognition from my peers and other industry partners, associates and competitors was very humbling,” he says. “The fact that I alone was recognised doesn’t showcase the quality of people I have around me that have significantly contributed to the success of our business and the award itself. I am most proud of the team we have built at Tasman and the growth that our business has seen which in turn has resulted in us growing our workforce by more that 75 per cent in the past four years.”

Fast Fact
Krueger Transport Equipment is at the forefront of modern trailer design, manufacturing its versatile ‘Kurtainer’ curtainsiders, open decks, skeletal trailers, freezer vans, dry vans and other custom builds. These models stand out in the market for their engineering excellence, load restraint options and enhancements that optimise vehicle operator safety and promote higher productivity.