Lighting the load

In a quest to streamline the manufacturing process of its premium pneumatic dry bulk tankers, Convair Engineering turned to Lucidity Australia to supply a range of wiring harness and lighting components that are reliable, durable and easy to install.

Founded in 1993, Convair Engineering specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of premium pneumatic dry bulk tankers for the road transport industry.

The company also constructs ISOtainers and onsite storage tankers from steel and aluminium for the food, chemical, construction materials and oil and gas industries.

In addition to drawing on its own wealth of experience in tanker and vessel building, Convair constantly monitors similar equipment in Europe and the USA to ensure its equipment matches with the latest technology available worldwide.

Convair originally made contact with Lucidity Australia in 2008 when it was seeking a supplier to partner with in applying lean manufacturing processes to the lighting systems on its trailers.

According to Peter Swann, General Manager of Convair Engineering, the team at Lucidity was happy to find out what he wanted and work with him to develop the products that suited his specific requirements.

“Lucidity took the time to understand the unique working environment of our equipment,” Peter says. “Like many parts of the transport industry, we are a niche sector with certain environmental elements that need to be understood.”

As a result of the initial contact between the two companies, 13 years later Lucidity is a valued supplier to Convair.

The company continues to develop new products and provide continuous improvements to their products and supply chain.

This can be seen in the advanced products Lucidity has developed over the years, indicating that the company, as a preferred supplier to a number of truck and trailer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), is committed to excellence in its part of the industry.

“I can’t speak more highly of the way Lucidity took the time to listen to us and understand exactly what we were trying to achieve with the lighting systems on our trailers,” Peter says. “They also engaged with us to develop a supply system that linked in with our production process.”
One of the key features on Convair’s trailers are the heavy-duty OMP electrical systems that Lucidity supplies. These comprise the company’s dual output moulded junction which is IP66 (Dangerous Goods) rated.

The OMP system significantly streamlines Convair’s assembly process because it is a plug and play setup featuring pre-assembled cables with reliable Deutsch DT and seven-way OMP connectors.

“The result is a reliable, very attractive and durable lighting and wiring system that perfectly complements our products,” Peter says – adding that Lucidity has continued to develop, improve and introduce new products to match the continuous improvement philosophy of Convair’s lean manufacturing process such as the industry revolutionising junction box and Lucidity link product.

Lucidity Enterprise Co. was established in 1981 as a premier worldwide manufacturer of vehicular lighting products.

With large scale operations in Taiwan, the US and Australia, the company has built a solid reputation for continuous product improvement and exceptional customer service. The company provides a range of products – designed and manufactured in Australia – including wiring harnesses, injection moulded components and electronic combinations.

A dedicated engineering team uses AutoCad, Solidworks and various other simulation software to accurately represent concepts and final design scenarios requested by customers.

This information is then transformed into deliverable prototypes and off-tool samples and ultimately leads to the cost-effective manufacture of a range of products. The company claims to have the only Australian manufactured trailer LED marker lamp system with pluggable and mountable options that’s available at a competitive price.