Living the dream

A small family-owned and operated fuel distribution business, Males Fuel, has shown remarkable resilience under incredibly trying circumstances. To support the fleet’s need for a versatile and custom road tanker solution, Holmwood Highgate went above and beyond.

Males Fuel, based in the Adelaide Hills with a depot in Echunga, commenced operation more than 50 years ago with Anthony’s parents Robert & Ronda Male. In 2000, Anthony and Gaylene took over the family business. By July 2020, eldest son, Trent, came onboard and Jarryn followed suit in October 2020.

Anthony, according to Gaylene, was excited to have the boys enter the fold and was looking forward to the prospect of sitting back, doing the PR and behind-the-scenes jobs that needed to be done. Sadly, in October 2020, Anthony was involved in a fatal truck incident, and so the family went on to live his dream. Today, Trent, Jarryn and Gaylene operate the business in his honour.

The Males Fuel fleet currently comprises three Kenworths, a 2013 T409 twin steer, 2015 T409 SAR and quad dog, a Holmwood single dog, and 2020 T610 twin steer as well as a 2020 Scania.

“Both of the 2020 rigids are being fitted with Holmwood Highgate tanks,” Gaylene says. “We travel within a radius of 200km from our depot, travelling from the Adelaide Hills to the Murray Mallee, Fleurieu Peninsula and surrounding areas. We service both big and small customers, delivering as much as 47,000 litres or as little as 50 litres, no job is too big or too small. Our customers are the most important part of our business and we pride our business on our customer service.”

In terms of the relationship between Holmwood Highgate and Males Fuel, Gaylene says Holmwood have been exceptional to deal with.
“Anthony hit it off with Wayne Sloane right from the start and loved his attention to detail,” she says. “One of Wayne’s favourite sayings is ‘measure twice, cut once!’”

The latest road tanker from Holmwood Highgate is a 22,000-litre barrel with five compartments of varying sizes to cater for the mixed loads that Males Fuel delivers.

Males Fuel tribute truck to the late Anthony Male.

“It has three hose reels, one large diesel hose, one unleaded hose and a smaller one-inch hose for some of the smaller deliveries that we do for example filling tractors, generators and house boats,” Gaylene says. “Maximum rigid payload is 13,720kg equating to 18,795 litres of unleaded or 16,333 litres of diesel. The Kenworth is Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved and we are at present doing the PBS approval to be able to tow a quad dog behind the T610 Twin Steer Kenworth.”

The tanker pumping gear, according to Gaylene has been set up specifically for what Males Fuel requires.

“Prior to Anthony’s passing, Anthony had planned to do all the pumping gear himself as in all previous trucks that he had purchased,” she says.

“Upon his passing the business spoke to Holmwood Highgate who came onboard and as well as manufacturing and fitting the tank, fitted all the pumping gear in the manner in which Anthony and Trent had discussed. Trent went across to Holmwood twice during this time and was extremely grateful for the advice and help that he was given. The team at Holmwood Highgate were exceptional, nothing was too much trouble and they offered suggestions that Trent has been really pleased with.”

The new Holmood Highgate road tanker together with the twin steer, according to Gaylene, gives Males Fuel the capacity to carry extra fuel which is invaluable at specific times of the year such as seeding and harvest.

“We can’t thank Mark, Wayne and all the staff at Holmwood Highgate enough for supporting us as a business in what was an incredibly difficult time,” Gaylene says. “When Anthony passed we couldn’t just shut the doors and take a week off. October is the beginning of hay cutting and silage so we had to make a decision as to whether we would continue right then and there. As previously said Anthony had planned to do all the fitting of the pumping gear and hose reels himself so after speaking to Wayne and his team at Holmwoods they were able to not only do all the tank fittings but also the hoses and pumping gear for both the Kenworth and the Scania. It has been a privilege and an honour to work with the team at Holmwood Highgate. They are a large company but we felt like we were part of their family.”

Trent and Jarryn Male, the next generation of Males Fuel, at the Mannum Truck Show.