Looking the part with CIMC flat tops

General manager of Queensland-based Project Haulage, Craig Jones, talks about the latest addition to his growing fleet – a range of flat top extendables from CIMC Vehicle Australia.

Project Haulage specialises in moving general freight, civil and construction equipment, palletised goods, and over-dimensional loading across the East Coast of Australia.

The business has seen exponential growth in the past nine years, which has led to an increase in its fleet size. Project Haulage recently took delivery of the first CIMC trailers in August this year, and already it has four standard flat top extendables including, two drop deck trailers, a standard 45’ open flat top, and an A trailer, with two drop decks extendables coming soon.

While most of the features were standard, the demands of poly pipe haulage meant they needed some extra pipe bolsters, which CIMC was easily able to fit in.

“The brand new extendables we have are generally transporting 20m-long plastic polly pipes, mostly on the East Coast for now,” says Project Haulage General Manager, Craig Jones. “The poly pipes are being transported for one of our Brisbane-based customers. Returning to Brisbane, the fleet could be carrying anything from big mining machines or generators or pallets of sandbags.”

Project Haulage’s company roots have always had a core focus based around high-level safety regulation. The company developed from open flat top B-doubles and road train trailer sets, which is why that is its key field of expertise. However, with organic growth the team saw a need to grow its fleet.

“We’ve currently got around 10 prime movers and 45 trailers. We have a diverse fleet of equipment ranging from B-doubles to road train trailer sets, single and B-double container trailers, single tautliners, B-double tautliner sets, A trailers, and flat top and drop deck extendable trailers. Diverse job applications mean, we need a wide range of trailers. We literally would have nearly every type of trailer there is in Australia and have a double of everything.

“Over the years we’ve tried and had a good look on different axles and suspension types to see what we like and what doesn’t work for us. When we buy a new trailer, we check to see if they have certain type of axle and suspension, and certain specs because we know what we prefer now. There is no particular model or type that fits us more than the rest because we do such a wide range of work from over-height, over-length, over-weight, to standard haulage as well. The drop decks and extendables are fantastic because they give us that range.”

The CIMC range of flat deck trailers offer operators the flexibility to be used in many applications such as general freight, container cartage, road train operations. With emphasis on design, durability, low tare weights, reduced maintenance costs and resale values, the trailers offer a wide range of standard features. CIMC also offers custom specs on its flat deck, lead and tag trailer models, and a range of optional extras such as aluminium gates, aluminium or chrome wheels, extra lights, extra toolboxes, to complement some of the standard features on these trailers.

One feature that Craig was outrightly impressed by was the appearance of the new fleet. “They are brand new trailers, and they look flash and fantastic,” he says.

“They stretch out perfectly, and they look the part, really. The way they appear at say, a mine site, is very impressive. For now, they do everything they’re supposed to do. We’ve not had any issues with them so far and they are ticking the right boxes on productivity and efficiency.

“We’re very happy with the customer service we receive from CIMC. Queensland Sales Manager Ashley Hayes and the guys in the Cranbourne office are fantastic and always very helpful. They did anything we wanted with these trailers and the delivery. They were so easy to deal with.

“We’ve used CIMC’s Aftersales services up here in Brisbane and that has been great although with the kind and range of work we do, it can be slightly difficult for us to work out the booking date, but it’s a very small downside. We’re working with those guys because they do a good job for aftersales service, and we plan to continue going back to them.”

Project Haulage was established by Robert and Rita Wharton, who are currently based in Gold Coast. While taking a step back from running the business full-time, Robert has since passed on the day-to-day operations and general management to Craig Jones, who joined the business nine years ago. His experience in managing Project Haulage and his past experience driving trucks has given Craig the ability to be a great judge of fleet and equipment and in CIMC he sees a long working relationship.