Low-cost container handling by Mobicon

Straddle carrier specialist, Mobicon Systems, offers a safer, more efficient and cost-effective way to move containers off delivery vehicles, without the need for a loading dock or side-loaders, through its market-leading mini-straddles.

Mobicon mini-straddles are ideal for any business that receives shipping containers – from transport and logistics operators, to manufacturers, importers and exporters that handle between five and 200 containers per week, and companies that move long items such as in the building industry.

It is a popular choice for many reinforced steel manufacturers that use a Mobicon mini-straddle carrier with flat racks for fast and efficient loading of trailers.

However, not all mini straddle carriers are created equal and weight distribution is a key aspect to consider before buying. Whether the combined weight of the mini straddle and the container is distributed across two or four axles can have a huge impact on the surface of a yard. Mobicon mini-straddles are designed for businesses that do not have heavy surfaces in their yards.

One of the key highlights of the Mobicon mini-straddles is that they have four axles and the lowest axle weight of any container handler in the world, which results in smoother operation and prevention of yard damage that can result in costly repairs. Because these mini-straddles only use hydraulic cylinders for lifting and not wire ropes, they are safer to use and cost less to maintain. Not having wire ropes also avoids the container from dangerous swinging when driving.

Why Mobicon?
The team at Mobicon is committed to quality and with that in mind all Mobicon products are designed for performance and longevity, reducing operational costs, while increasing safety, productivity, and profitability for customers. These mini-straddles are ideally designed for low turnover container handling and when compared with reach stackers and container forklifts, the cost of capital, maintenance, tyres and fuel consumption is only a small fraction. A Mobicon mini-straddle saves on transport costs as the customer can receive and move the container in the yard without paying for a side-loader to move it.

“We find that our clients are more concerned about the total cost of ownership instead of a low initial capital outlay. The fact that our first Mobicon is still in operation after 24 years of service, says a lot about the quality we put into our design and the choice of components. This means less maintenance and repairs during the lifetime of the units, resulting in less operational costs and a more reliable machine with less downtime,” says Jesse Schultz, CEO of Mobicon Systems.

The company provides container handling solutions for big and small businesses alike. With superior quality design and components, and a range of safety features, Mobicon offers two mini-straddles – 2T and 2HL. The Mobicon 2T lifts the container at the bottom corner castings and is therefore also capable of lifting flat racks and bolsters. It is only 3.9m high and can place containers inside and under low awnings. Meanwhile, the Mobicon 2HL can stack containers two-high (one over one) and can still go under a 5.6m awning. It is designed with efficiency, speed and space in mind. The 2HL is highly manoeuvrable, with a small turning circle, and like the 2T model it costs less than a forklift or a reach stacker.

Mobicon mini-straddles are assembled in Brisbane, using the highest quality materials and parts. Mobicon only uses superior grade components from suppliers such as Caterpillar or an equivalent engine provider, to Bosch-Rexroth pumps and wheel motors, and IFM control systems.

The Mobicon support
The team at Mobicon knows how crucial it is to understand specific operational needs of different businesses to designing an optimal load handling solution. The team works with all the customers from the design stage right up to delivery and ensures a seamless transition to using the mini-straddle through proper training and implementation. That attention to detail is supported by Mobicon’s quality after sales service and spare parts support.

Established in Brendale, Queensland 27 years ago, Mobicon Systems is an Australian-owned company specialising in straddle carriers. Along with a huge presence within the Australian market, Mobicon has an ongoing long-term contract with the United States Navy to supply Mobicon straddles for their Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) project. Mobicon also provides rentals of its new and used straddle carriers.