Luxury liner

Bruce Rock Engineering delivers safer, more efficient and durable trailing equipment by incorporating E-Plas QuickSilver tipper liners in its builds.

Trailer manufacturer, Bruce Rock Engineering, was established in 1980 by Mike and Gay Verhoogt.

What started as a humble operation – a 300-square-metre workshop with one employee – has grown over the years to include multiple business divisions and more than 180 full-time staff. The business, based in Western Australia, has facilities in Bruce Rock, Forrestfield, Welshpool and Port Hedland.

In addition to manufacturing flat tops, drop decks, road trains, skels, dollies, dry and refrigerated trailers, live bottom trailers, Performance-Based Standards (PBS) and custom designs, Bruce Rock Engineering also specialises in end tippers and side tippers.

Peter Oliver, who previously managed the company’s operations in Perth, is now primarily engaged in sales and quality assurance. On demand, Bruce Rock Engineering have liaised with E-Plas to order QuickSilver tipper liners to enhance their tipper builds.

“The first one we fitted was in September 2019,” he says. “This trailer was a 9.5-metre tri-axle Tarex end tipper. The floor and side walls are 3.2mm Hardox 450. This trailer had been in service for 17 months doing around 2,340 trips in 17 months. After fitting the liner to the trailer it has been back in service for 18 months doing the same work with only 2.0mm wear to the product.”

The latest trailer to roll out of Bruce Rock Engineering’s workshop with a QuickSilver tipper liner fitted was a quad axle 12-metre Tarex end tipper which was purpose built for the client to cart mineral sand and lithium.

QuickSilver helps to optimise the tipping process, preventing bulk material from sticking to the surface of the tipper tray while allowing materials to flow much easier at a lower tipping angle. In addition to minimising the risk of rollover, thereby increasing safety for heavy vehicle operators, the liner does a great job of protecting the tipper tray surface from wear and product abrasion.

“The liner will prevent wear to the floor where it is covered,” Peter says. “There will always be a section of the floor exposed at the rear of the trailer to allow for the expansion and contraction of the QuickSilver product.”

As the liner material is a proprietary industrial grade self-lubricating plastic, Peter says it is generally a better option than regular steel and aluminium sheets or wear plates.

“It will shed the product from the trailer with minimal hang up and is quieter than running down a metal body. Also, the liner really needs no ongoing maintenance. Obviously as the liner wears over time you may need to replace the rear section of the liner, to do this you would simply cut the liner – the rear third and replace that section.”

E-Plas P/L is the authorised Australian dealer QuickSilver Truck Lining Systems and available Australia wide.

Fast Fact
Tipper operators, according to E-Plas Director, Lisa Marshall, are better off fitting QuickSilver the moment a unit is purchased to counteract potential damage caused by the materials they transport. “QuickSilver is a seamless floor liner that allows for every cargo to dump clean without any congestion and can handle any bulk load with ease,” she says. “Also, the QuickSilver material weighs less than both steel and aluminium and is highly abrasion resistant. It’s versatile and durable enough to handle all climates and working environments whether it’s hot, humid, wet, dry, or freezing – and it will eventually protect the integrity of the entire application.”

QuickSilver’s seamless, smooth surface helps to ensure a smooth unloading process for tipper applications by eliminating catch points.