Making lightweight bulk tippers with York and SAF

For more than a decade, Melbourne-based Chris’s Body Builders continues to build premium bulk haulage solutions using SAF and York products.

The team at Chris’s Body Builders (CBB) is finalising a special bulk tipper order for a local transport business.

CBB has been in the industry for over 38 years and has specialised in tipping equipment in the heavy transport industry. Its range includes tipping dog trailers, tipping semis, tipping sliders, converter dollies and PBS vehicles.

This range covers a variety of different industries from grain to civil and construction using materials like Hardox and aluminium to build a superior quality Australian product. To uphold that quality the team at Chris’s Body Builders has partnered with SAF Holland/York as its go-to suspension for tipping equipment in the heavy transport industry.

CBB manufactures a range of trailer sizes and accommodates variations in suspension, axles, brakes and accessories. One of the brands that the CBB team often turns to is SAF-Holland for its SAF and York range of suspensions and axles.

“SAF-Holland have been a key supplier for us for over a decade,” says CBB CEO, Chris Debono. “They’re a very reliable brand that offers a premium product and they have a pretty good reputation in the industry because of this.Their commitment to providing an excellent product has resulted in something that is very durable and lightweight. Their customer service has been great, too.

“When it comes to SAF products, the SAF Intra drum and Intra disc suspensions are chosen by our customers for their reliability, durability, ease of maintenance and weight-saving.”

SAF’s suspension range includes the Intra family that is available with disc or drum brakes, and the Modul range of solutions that can be tailor-made for individual business needs. The Intra features a lightweight, fabricated trailing arm, rigidly connected or welded to the axle.

The functional suspension arm and axle tube form an inseparable and maintenance-free unit. This eliminates the need for U-bolts, clamping plates and nuts.

The shock absorber is protected due to its position in the functional suspension arm and the entire design is extremely robust and light for PBS applications. Its patented Safe-Guard design of the functional suspension arm protects the brake cylinder from damage. The Intra range also offers long-term conservation of value and functional safety through sophisticated cathodic dip coating with optimum corrosion protection.

Meanwhile, the Modul is a modular suspension system for custom designed solutions from 7-14 tonnes. The SAF Modul system is highly versatile. With options such as a trailing arm under the axle, a cranked trailing arm over the axle, a trailing arm over the axle, and an extended suspension arm tolerance, customers can get an optimal suspension system for any transport tasks.

SAF-Holland is continuously engaged in technological advancements to make its products more efficient and reliable, and even more suitable for purpose-built applications. SAF-Holland has also been offering greater choice and flexibility for customers with its York axles and suspensions since 2018.

York axles remain CBB’s go-to option for most tipper trailers. York offers a range of options from round and square beam axles in 11-20 tonne capacity, to self-steer axles that are designed to improve tyre life, productivity, fuel consumption and manoeuvrability, to high-efficiency disc brake axles that offer increased braking response, ease of maintenance and outperform drum brakes, to heavy-duty axles that offer high load capacity up to 17.5 tonnes for mining and logging operation.

“York is a reliable, economic solution to getting axles on your trailer and it has been a staple here at CBB for the last 15 years,” Chris says. “The CBB lightweight trailers and chassis paired with the reliability of York and SAF gives a very durable offering to the market. By having those two brands we’re giving the operators a premium solution to cart bulk freight and bulk transport.”