Marshall Lethlean – Talking the same language

From modest beginnings at Queensland’s southern margin, operating a family owned service station, Potter’s Petroleum has developed into a prospering petroleum supply company. Established in Texas in 1973, the thriving company soon expanded, opening another service station in Inglewood. Today, Potter’s Petroleum supplies the vast border area with an extensive range of petroleum products – drawing on three decades of experience.

While head office remains located in Texas, a serene village two kilometres north of New South Wales’ fertile north, Brad and Terri Potter are scheming the expansion of the business. “We don’t want to stagnate,” the couple says, stressing his need to move forward. “We’ve set our sights high.”

With expansionary goals in mind, Potter’s decided to purchase a new tanker combination to cope with growing demand for the company’s services in Queensland’s south.

Looking for a durable tanker with built in reliability and capable of going the distance, the company contacted Marshall Lethlean Industries. As chance would have it, Marshall Lethlean, too, had been established in 1973. “The year of foundation is not the only commonality we share,” Brad says. “We talk the same language.”

In July, Marshall Lethlean delivered a purpose built 19 metre B-double combination, constructed to meet Potter’s unique requirements. “We needed a solid product,” Brad says. “Something built to last. And Marshall Lethlean’s B-double has met our expectations.”

Based in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South, Marshall Lethlean Industries has been specialising in tanker construction for over 25 years. To date, Marshall Lethlean has manufactured over 5000 tankers, establishing a reputation for building tankers which are durable and able to operate in the most trying of conditions. “A lot of local knowledge and design experience goes into every tanker we build – and that is why the product continues to thrive in Australia’s toughest environments,” says Marshall Lethlean’s Chris Nicholson. “Our tankers utilise proven designs, offering strength combined with lighter equivalent tare weight, when compared with other tanker manufacturers products. This means more payload for our customers, which is the ultimate goal for all operators.”

Brad recalls, “I know some companies which already use Marshall Lethlean equipment, so I didn’t hesitate to ask for advice. And they all recommended the product.” After consulting a number of acquaintances, the decision was made.

“Durability and reliability are the reasons why our tankers are being used on the country’s toughest roads, including the Tanami Track to the Granite Gold Fields in the west of the Northern Territory, Mooney oil and gas fields in the North East of South Australia and remote mining roads of Western Australia where durability and reliability are an integral part of the design,” Chris says, underscoring Potter’s decision.

In four months, the new B-double travelled 40,000 kilometres on Queensland’s roads, transporting petroleum as far as Warwick, Goondiwindi and the North West Slopes region of New South Wales.

Potter’s mainly supplies farms, exposing its fleet to harsh rural roads and the raw climate of the Granite Belt. Marshall Lethlean’s B-double had to pass the acid test from day one. “It’s been great,” Brad says, praising the solid construction. “It’s been facing rough terrain and has not disappointed. Drivers also report that the towing characteristics and handling are amazing.”

Rodney O’Sullivan and Carry O’Mara, Potter’s longtime employees, look forward to a thriving future as the fleet is about to grow. “It was a pleasure dealing with Marshall Lethlean,” Brad says. “Chris Nicholson is my contact with Marshall Lethlean. He kept me informed on our new tanker’s progress right through to delivery. I’ve told him that I’ll purchase another rigid from him within the next 12 months – and that I want Marshall Lethlean to deliver it. I won’t even look for alternatives. Why? Because the product works well and the after sales service and back-up we received was good too.”

Focused on building transport equipment to suit Australian conditions and backed by the global resources of the CIMC Group, Marshall Lethlean has attracted yet another satisfied customer.

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