Merrett’s Monroe Magnums

With a total of 30 company owned B-double configurations in the Merrett Logging fleet and another 10 sub-contractor owned configurations within the company’s operations and maintenance schedule, truck and trailer shock absorber durability and lifespan is of vital importance to ensure safe and efficient logging transport operations.

Merrett Logging runs a 12-month total maintenance schedule that includes the replacement of all truck and trailer shock absorbers in its fleet. After four years of using Monroe Magnum Heavy Duty shock absorbers, Maintenance Supervisor and company director, John Merrett, has been impressed by the quality, durability and cost savings made by selecting Monroe Magnum Heavy Duty truck and trailer shock absorbers.

“We were always replacing our shock absorbers with the OE products, but we found during our maintenance checks that oil seal failures were common even at low kilometres and we also encountered this problem with other aftermarket brands,” he said.

“Once we tried the Monroe Magnum range we experienced none of these issues with both our truck and trailer shocks and upon each inspection they looked as though they could last well beyond our 12-month replacement cycle.

“The Monroe Magnum truck and trailer shock absorbers enable us to save costs by outperforming the OE and other aftermarket products that we have used in the past.

“Up to 15 per cent of our heavy transporting work is on unsealed gravel roads with long bitumen stretches of approximately 100 kilometres per trip. The quality and durability of our Monroe Magnum shock absorbers have proven to be excellent under all conditions.

“We look forward to Monroe expanding their heavy duty shock absorber range to cover more of our own and our sub-contractors trucks as their total quality and value for money is exceptional,” John concludes.
The Merrett Logging trailer fleet includes Plunkett and Elphinstone trailers running BPW, ROR and Fuwa K-Hitch axles using Monroe Magnum heavy duty shock absorber part numbers F5002 BPW Long, F5004 BPW Short, F5015 & F5075 ROR and F5194 Weweler.

Fast Fact
The Monroe Magnum Heavy Duty range covers the key sectors of truck and trailer suspension requirements including cabin dampers, seat dampers and axle shock systems. Monroe Magnum ride performance product advantages include ease of fitment with single bonded bushings that ensure very high bushing durability, along with a high temperature resistant sealing system and high temperature resistant hydraulic fluid. The Monroe Magnum specially formulated semi-synthetic fluid improves damping behaviour through more consistent damping over a wide temperature range.

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