Mesh Wheels and Accessories

John Parisi, Managing Director of Topline Industries, and Wayne Hicks, Division Manager Wheels and Accessories  – both with a combined experience of over 50 years – are the two men behind Mesh Accessories, a Victorian-based subsidiary of Topline. Together, they have built Mesh into a thriving parts operation boasting a product portfolio that is rapidly growing faster than even John and Wayne could’ve imagined.

“Business was always constant, both nationally and globally, but since the Melbourne Truck Show in April it’s been chaotic,” Wayne says. “In fact, over the last couple of weeks our success from the truck show has been proven by the increased number of inquiries and orders received. It’s been super busy and that’s how we like it.”

Yet building Mesh Accessories into what it is today hasn’t been easy. “It’s taken a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment, but John has been outstanding in the support he’s given me in getting Mesh off the ground. We both share the same business ideologies in that we want to deliver nothing but quality to our customers,” says Wayne, who can draw on 28 years of experience in the commercial wheel and tyre sector. “If there’s something I’ve learned in my time, it’s that customers will always benefit from a well‑priced, quality product. In fact, it’s better to over-deliver on quality, rather than to compromise. That’s the level of service you need to meet every time.

“If you give 100 per cent service to people and don’t let them down, the business will keep on growing. John is exactly the same and that’s why we both swear by Mesh’s slogan of ‘Quality Without Compromise’, because that’s what ultimately keeps customers coming back.”
Mesh Accessories’ portfolio covers a multitude of truck and trailer wheels, with more than 40 lines to choose from – including fully forged aluminium, silver disc, demountable rims and chrome plated steel wheels and rims. The extensive range also includes toolboxes, gates, tanks, wheel nut covers, axles and affiliated parts, all of which can be seen on the company’s new website.

Currently, Mesh Accessories is in the final stages of introducing their new line of chrome alloy wheels, which Wayne has spent months perfecting. “It is a non-standard design that has been modified to be cost-effective for commercial vehicle operators,” he says. “The chrome alloy wheels will be available at the end of July.”

Wayne is a firm believer that quality products and service go hand in hand, and that’s what will ultimately make Mesh Accessories successful. “If we want to deliver a quality product then that means the service has to be just as high, if not higher,” he says. “In the near future, we will be endeavouring to showcase the wheel and rim production process, to enable our customers to see how the aluminium or steel is pressed, cut and formed all the way to the finished product.”

Mesh’s parent company, Topline, is also an authorised LMCT dealer that facilitates smash repairs, fabrication, refurbishing and mechanical repairs; they are also agents for Airtec and the Davey Group’s Rhino and Lusty Low loader trailers in Victoria. “In addition, Topline is now manufacturing its own Hardox tippers, which is based on quality, not quantity,” Wayne says.

“Topline Industries and Mesh Accessories provides clients with 100 per cent old‑fashioned customer service, which is why Mesh is constantly expanding its range of wheels, parts and accessories, and we’ll stand by our company motto ‘Quality Without Compromise’. That’s what makes our company simply the better place to shop.”

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