MJ Mahon Transport

A passionate Queenslander with a hands-on attitude, Michael Mahon is the heart and soul of Rocklea-based MJ Mahon Transport. As such, he has no difficulty distilling the company’s business strategy down to a single word – progressive. According to Michael, the term is especially fitting to describe his growing fleet of prime movers – most of them supplied by MAN – and Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved refrigerated vans, which he says has been created with his clientele’s success in mind: “It’s a fleet that can add value to our customers’ businesses and help save them money, while also making us a profit. It’s all part of a big process.”’

Currently, the MJ Mahon Transport fleet comprises 20 single reefers and one custom-designed 26-pallet PBS refrigerated van, as well as six rigids and three B-double combinations, all used to shuttle packaged food and beverages across Queensland and interstate to New South Wales.

“After much deliberation, I knew MAN was the right truck for the kind of work we do and it’s proven to be a sound choice,” Michael says. “In fact, we already took on two more of the new MAN TGX D38 heavy-duty models for line-haul work in 2017 as we’re so confident in the brand.”

Michael says the D38s tow single vans or B-doubles carrying palletised perishable food for a number of prominent supermarkets and fast food outlets. “The D38 has shown exceptional steering control and feels almost like driving a luxury car, which has also been the main feedback from our drivers,” he says. “The vehicle does all the gear shifting, which helps in terms of increasing fuel efficiency and maintenance and is less stressful for the driver, who can focus on the road ahead.”

Having studied the MAN offering closely, Michael says he is confident the future is bright for MJ Mahon Transport. “To me, being progressive as a business doesn’t only mean doing your homework and building an innovative fleet that’s based on the latest technology, but also making sure your cash flow is positive and you have the right processes in place to support your own operation.”

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