More bang for the buck

As a heavy trailer manufacturer for over 16 years, Freightmore Transport consistently relies on top quality components manufactured by JOST to complement its builds in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Freightmore Transport is an Australian family owned and operated semi-trailer manufacturer based in the industrial precinct of Lonsdale in South Australia.

According to Freightmore Managing Director, Jason Juwayed, the company’s manufacturing process involves building each trailer to specific designs that have received countless hours of engineer designing, drafting and testing to ensure the finished product can withstand the demanding conditions prevalent in this country over an extended period.
“All of our trailers are built to exacting specifications, ensuring they fully comply with all Australian Design Rule requirements,” Jason says.

“They are built from high grade steel with the correct MPa strength in all areas and we focus heavily on aspects such as weld quality and overall finish.”

The company produces a wide range of trailers and vehicles including flat tops, drop decks, extendables, low loaders, quad wideners, side tippers, end tippers, grain tippers, water tankers, dollies, tilt and slide, mega tilt and tag trailers.

“We started off with the simpler designs and then gradually increased our range,” Jason says. “In the last 12 to 24 months we’ve more vigorously increased our product range such as introducing the mega tilt which is a quad float style of super tilt.

“We keep our ear tuned to the market to ensure we have the latest products demanded by the industry,” he says. “We have new models in the works including axle widener floats as we speak.”

A common theme across the various builds is the prevalence of JOST components including fifth wheels, king pins, landing legs and aluminium wheels.

With the development of axle widener floats, the company will also be using TRIDEC steering and suspension systems which JOST now distributes in Australia.

“JOST has a very good name in the industry in terms of trailer components so we try to use as much of the company’s products as possible,” Jason says. “The fact that JOST is now offering a very high quality hydraulic suspension and steering system is music to our ears.”

Jason explains that prior to commencing the manufacture of semi-trailers, the company had a long history building campervans and caravans, and that the move into the heavier gear was something of a natural progression.

“In the beginning we relied on the expertise of people from the semi-trailer industry to successfully develop our first flat top and drop deck models,” Jason says.

“All of our current range is designed by engineers experienced in the heavy trailer building process; we have surrounded ourselves with the right people and having this team of very well educated and talented engineers enables us to develop the products we need moving forward.”

Jason says the company is known withing the industry for somewhat over-engineering its trailers.

“We tend to build quite heavy-duty models such as our drop deck with ramps which tares at around 10.5 tonnes which is a preferred trailer of farmers,” he says.

“Farmers love these trailers because they are so versatile. They can use them for hay, palletised products, cotton bales and machinery. On their properties where mass regulation isn’t an issue they can load them up with a 35-tonne excavator, for example, and they are strong enough to take that sort of weight.”

Jason says the beauty of JOST products is that they are also engineered to take everything in their stride in terms of standing up to the rigours of harsh conditions.

“JOST has contributed in a big way to building our brand and as I said before, they have a solid reputation in the industry and their products fitted to our trailers really add a lot of confidence for our customers,” Jason says. “It gives them peace of mind knowing there’s a good brand name behind the components we’re fitting to the trailers.”

Jason adds that Freightmore offers very good value for money with its products and that JOST dovetails well with this because the company manufactures its products to a very high standard and sells them at a reasonable price.

He reiterates that having a very good team of engineers that design the trailers to the highest standards of structural integrity, ensuring the durability of the products over a very long lifespan.

“Our engineers are fully involved with the manufacturing process as the trailers are being built, making sure that all the welds are compliant with the relevant AS1554 standards and that the correct tensile strength steel is used in the various areas,” Jason says.

“Having a talented team working for us along with the strength and superiority of JOST components gives us the complete package for producing a wide range of high-quality trailers and equipment to suit the specific needs of our customers.”

Freightmore Transport adds value to its trailers by specifying JOST components.