Moving materials with ease with Cargo Floor

The Cargo Floor moving floor system offers the team at Pearce Smith Logistics greater productivity and versatility for their recycling transport application.

It was seven years ago that Pearce Smith Logistics’ owner and director, Justin Spencer, was first introduced to a BPW Transpec product. Quality and performance of the products and the customer service of the BPW team has made Justin stick with the company since then.

For nearly four years Justin’s team has been using the Cargo Floor CF500 SLC moving floor system for its transport contract with IQ Renew. The multi-functional operating unloading and loading Cargo Floor moving floor system features a sophisticated design and robust construction, low tare weight and also allows maximum payloads and cargo volumes while being fully hydraulically operated. Cargo Floor is ideally suited for unloading of a wide variety of bulk products horizontally, fast and efficiently without having to tip.

“The Cargo Floor system in my trailers is a great product. For me to be able to unload my 48’ moving floor trailer takes me around eight-nine minutes whereas other systems I’ve seen take longer to load and unload,” Justin says.

“For me, this product is great because my trucks are in and out of a site quicker. I’ve never had any problem with its operation for my recycling transport job for IQ Renew.

“IQ Renew is a recycling company that services curb side recycling for over a million households in Sydney. As a full-time contractor of IQ Renew, we have been providing transport for all aspects of their business for over three years – from transporting material into their recycling facility as well as taking out materials such as paper, cardboard and plastic that go to be recycled and turned into other products.

“Although I’ve only been in the transport recycling business for the past three-four years, I haven’t had the need to look around at any other brand or product because I’m very happy with the performance of the Cargo Floor system.”

The Cargo Floor moving floor transport system is based on the friction principle between the sliding floor and load. The loading and unloading floor on which the product is positioned consists of loose profiles that are positioned in parallel next to each other and subdivided into three groups. The floor can move as a whole unit in one direction and the load will shift with it; or every group moves individually, and the load remains in place. The standard Cargo Floor moving floor system is ideally suited to the transport of almost all common products. Cargo Floor also has a range of different drive units and floor sections available for special applications. Cargo Floor systems fulfill all important transport needs including maximum cargo volume, low tare weight, low operational cost owing to virtually no maintenance needs, durability, human safety and environmental sustainability.

“In terms of application there is no difference in loading or unloading of the product,” Justin says. “Whether the material being loaded or unloaded is lighter or full-weight, I get the same serviceability. There is no drag in the floor, it works at full capacity at all times.”

BPW Transpec has been bringing Cargo Floor solutions to the local market for many years. The team prides itself on supplying reliable brands, durable products and high-performance equipment and associated components for the road transport, mining and agricultural industries.

“The customer service I get from BPW Transpec is second to none,” Justin says. “There was a little electrical issue in my Euro-make truck when I first picked it up. I got in touch with NSW Manager, Scott Merriman, and he and his team were on top of it. They made sure my truck was fixed in a couple of hours. The priority for them was to have my truck back on the road as soon as possible.”