Mullins Wheels: A success story

When Merrington Mullins founded Adelaide-based Mullins Wheels in 1905, he probably didn’t expect his business would evolve into one of the Australia’s most prestigious tyre and wheel companies some 108 years later. But that is where Mullins stands today, an Australian-owned truck and trailer tyre, wheel and rim supplier and a true survivor of its industry.

Following in his father’s footsteps as an aspiring wheelwright, Merrington began his career in 1897 at Lewis Cycle & Motor Works. In 1900, he manufactured the wire wheels for the first petrol driven motor car built in South Australia. As Lewis Cycle & Motor Works expanded, so too did Merrington’s ambitions and by 1905, he had established his own motor repair and engineering business in Wyatt Street, Adelaide.

In 1920, Merrington’s business was in full swing boasting a much larger facility in Adelaide and fitting specialised pneumatic, low pressure tyres to all vehicles from cars to trucks, tractors and agricultural machinery. In addition, Mullins also specialised in fitting rims and wheels – the latter of which would eventually become its primary product.

Today, Mullins Wheels is a prominent name in Australia’s tyre and wheel market supplying mostly to the commercial road transport market with an extensive product list that includes alloy wheels, steel wheels, truck and semi-trailer wheels and rims, forklift wheels, trailer axles and trailer components. No matter what industry whether its commercial, industrial, earthmoving or agricultural, Mullins believes it has ticked all the boxes in catering to the needs of the fleet operator.

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