Muscat Trailers focuses on meeting PBS demand

Muscat Trailers has always put a premium on creating state-of-the art transport technology and has become a highly regarded name in the tipper trailer scene.   Building on that heritage, the company is now turning its attention towards the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme.

“The ever growing demand for PBS‑approved vehicles in Australia can’t be ignored,” says Troy Azzopardi, Muscat Trailers’ General Manager – revealing that the company has invested heavily into creating its new PBS range and streamlining the build and approval process.

“To avoid the long delays usually associated with the permit procedure, we decided to get a range of designs and sizes pre-approved so customers can select the specifications they need and proceed to the build stage right away.”

According to Troy, the new generation of high-tech transport equipment is based on computer simulation and real world testing and can help transport businesses increase both productivity and safety – a crucial advantage in a volatile industry like road transport. “To compete in today’s demanding commercial road transport industry, we’ve recognised a growing need for tippers that can carry more freight and suit specific applications – such as the transportation of stock feed, sand, aggregate, wood chip, bio solids, coal or ammonium nitrate. PBS is the perfect solution to achieve both.”

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