New access conditions for HPFV in VIC

Big changes are coming to boost productivity and heavy vehicle access.

An additional 600 Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved High-Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFV) will need to be enlisted in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) and be fitted with On-Board Monitoring (OBM) solutions from January 2021.

There will be a six-month grace period to give operators of these combinations time to have OBM devices fitted to their vehicles.

HPFV are combinations that either exceed a length of 26m or exceed a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 68.5 tonnes, or both.

According to VicRoads, HPFV are currently operating under specific approval on a number of limited networks in Victoria and these arrangements will continue.

Examples include A-doubles in the Mildura region and B-doubles in the north and west of Melbourne and on specific routes in western Victoria.

Typical examples of HPFV include quad-tri and quad-quad B-doubles operating at respective GCMs of 73 and 77.5t, 30m and 36.5m A-doubles operating at 85.5t GCM and quad-axle semi-trailers operating at 50.5 tonne GCM.