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Arrow Logistics tracks true with BTE PBS combination

  • Posted on Wednesday 1st, July 2020.

Toowoomba-based grain transporting outfit, Arrow Logistics, has taken delivery of a Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) A-double tipper combination that operates under Performance-Based Standards (PBS).

Built at BTE’s Toowoomba branch, the light tare weight of the combination along with the tri-axle dolly enables a payload capacity of around 56 tonnes under PBS with deliveries to the Port of Brisbane. West of the Great Dividing Range a payload of over 60 tonnes is achievable.

According to Arrow Logistics Director, Ian Forster, BTE was chosen to build the new combination due to its expertise in constructing trailers that are durable and light, along with its nearby location to Arrow’s depot.

“We needed to maximise our payload capacities to ensure the viability of the business,” said Forster.

“Payloads are increasing all the time and it’s necessary to keep up with the times in order to remain competitive.”

“We were pretty keen to give BTE a go because of the company’s close proximity to us and their eagerness to do business with us.

“The pricing is very competitive and the quality of workmanship is at least as good as any comparable tippers we’ve seen," he said.

Last month, BTE produced a new product called Smart Tip for northern Victoria based Hercus Transport.

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