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DNV Transport lifts capacity with BoXLoader

  • Posted on Wednesday 1st, July 2020.

Port of Brisbane-based DNV Transport has added a new O’Phee BoXLoader to its fleet of side-loaders used to shift containers to and from the port.

The company has been in operation for nine years and according to Director, Dave Carswell, after starting off with two side-loaders of a different brand was introduced to the benefits of the BoXLoader after buying a second-hand unit.

“I’ve found the BoXLoader to be more stable than other brands when loading or unloading full containers and it also tows better on the road,” said Dave.

“We have our own mechanic and he prefers to work on the BoXLoaders compared to other brands. They are very well built and have the ability to carry heavy containers all day every day without any issues.

“They are a bit heavier than others but this makes them more durable in the long run,” said Dave.

“Three of my drivers are former owner-drivers and they find the BoXLoaders very user friendly in terms of when they are loading or unloading and also on the road. They stand up well with less sway when travelling.”

DNV Transport’s new BoXLoader features Hendrickson axles and air suspension and a Perkins diesel engine driving the hydraulic pump.

With a lighter tare weight, enhanced stability and greater versatility, the Step-Over is the latest incarnation of the O’Phee BoXLoader from The Drake Group. ACFS Port Logistics was among the first to take advantage of this innovative new trailer concept, with nine units now ordered in the company’s national fleet.

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