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Graham Lusty Trailers slices the competition with Razor componentry

  • Posted on Thursday 26th, March 2020.

Graham Lusty Trailers engineer high quality, low tare trailers for the bulk agricultural and mining sectors. Razor’s portfolio of electronic landing legs and tarp systems add value to the trailer manufacturer’s builds.

Fleet operators using Graham Lusty Trailers (GLT) trailers carry high-volume payloads due to the tare weight advantages of using fabricated aluminium bodies. Over the past 11 years GLT have won several innovation awards recognising the exceptional trailer engineering for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team B-Double transporter and the new high-volume side tipper.

To address industry demand for quality road transport equipment that eliminates Work Health & Safety issues – most commonly associated with manually-operated trailer processes – GLT invested in Razor’s portfolio of products in 2012.

The Razor Rollover Power Tarp is part of the standard specification for GLT’s Redi-Tip B-double jack knife trailers. The Razor unit allows the vehicle operator to open and close their tarp system automatically at the press of a button which is ideal for eliminating repetitive strain injuries.

GLT uses both the rollover and front to back drive units on about 60 per cent of its builds. The Razor Electric Landing Legs are also specified at customer request and are reported to work very across a broad range of trailers. 

GLT’s use of tarps over the years has changed. The trailer manufacturer has seen a greater trend towards electronically driven tarps as operators are also looking to reduce the risk of contamination hence the preference for electric over hydraulic.

The Razor system can be either hard wired to the prime mover or run off a Razor battery which is charged off the parker lights. It a flexible system which can be set up to suit the operator. Customers, according to GLT, also enjoy having the remote control for the tarps. It’s a robust little controller.

GLT has worked closely with the team at Razor for the past eight years. Ultimately, GLT can provide excellent support to the end user due to Razor fully backing GLT. Razor’s tarp systems have proven to work well in Australia’s harsh environments.

Early in 2019, GLT designed and built a fleet of 52 coal spec side tipper units for Bis Industries. Each trailer was equipped with a front to back Razor tarp unit. The Razor controller were mounted to the prime movers and had switching controls installed into the truck cabin. This set up works well in a mining application due to power being sourced directly from the prime mover and switches cannot be misplaced by drivers.

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