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ITS launch dry bulk automatic lid

  • Posted on Tuesday 28th, May 2013.

Victoria based Integrated Transfer Solutions (ITS) is now offering a safer alternative for loading and unloading bulk dry product tankers with the launch of the RMC Dry Bulk Automatic Lid.

“Work place safety is an major issue to consider when running a business, especially in the transport industry,” said Jim Quinn, Managing Director of ITS.

“Experience has shown that climbing the vehicle is a potential workplace hazard waiting to occur. That’s why we did our homework and introduced the RMC Dry Bulk Automatic Lid System to the Australian market.”

Installed on dry bulk tankers, the auto-lid system allows for operating tanker top hatches from the safety of the ground, thereby eliminating the risk of climbing on top of the tanker whenever loading or unloading access is required.

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