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Krueger launches latest Kurtainer models

  • Posted on Thursday 26th, March 2020.

Krueger Transport Equipment has launched its latest Kurtainer range, showcasing reliable and robust curtain-sided trailers that are engineered to be an asset.

The range is extensive covering a diverse selection of models that have been designed and refined by Krueger’s experienced engineering team over the last four decades.

These include ultra low neck designs with increased capacity, 53' straight builds that epitomise optimal load restraint, 36-pallet drop decks suited for productivity and OH&S, 36-pallet triple drop Performance-Based Standards (PBS) options with self lifting gates, 48' drop deck mezz deck configurations for fleet flexibility as well as straight deck Kurtainers and more.

The load restraint that Krueger provides is the result of three-plus decades invested in the design and extensive testing and validation of curtain rollers, roof tracks, sliding side posts (a Krueger first) and curtain ratchet for superior tension. The Slide-A-Gate, an award-winning innovation, was designed 13 years ago and there are more than 10,000 of them currently in active service, a testament to their functionality.

Krueger's Kurtainer range also covers options for corporate branding signage, A-double road train dolly options, an explainer on the manufacturer's own high performance and low maintenance Road Friendly Suspension package, a tonne of optional extras to satisfy every fleet requirement and a run-down on rental options via Advantage Trailer Rental. Also, learn more about Krueger's manufacturing processes, final finish capabilities, dedicated Australia-wide spare parts network and complete national service offering including access to company-owned workshops, fixed price servicing, refurbishment options, smash and damage repairs, conversions and emergency vehicle support.

As a family-owned and operated business for more than 40 years, Krueger's expertise in technical development and manufacturing has resulted in the production of remarkably versatile trailers that deliver peak operational performance. In addition to its versatile Kurtainer design, Krueger also produce open decks, skeletal trailers and freezer and dry vans featuring state-of-the-art innovation in load restraint as well as improvements for optimal vehicle operator safety.

Download the brochure here.

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