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MGM Bulk announces strategic partnership

  • Posted on Tuesday 23rd, June 2020.

Logistics service provider, MGM Bulk, part of MGM Group based in Bunbury, Western Australia, has partnered with a saw mill in Dardanup to bolster its timber industry operations.

MGM Bulk recently announced it was partnering with Wespine Industries as both companies share long term values for future sustainability in both its product and people.

By working with Wespine, MGM has reportedly strengthened its fleet with purpose-built end tippers.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to expand our business in the West Australian timber industry," MGM Bulk said in a statement.

Wespine is the largest softwood sawmill in Western Australia. The business is run from one mill in Dardanup and supplies customers throughout Western Australia and exports timber into the eastern states. All timber is sourced from renewable pine plantations in the South West and all product received is 100 per cent utilised.

Wespine told Trailer Magazine it is pleased to partner with another locally based business such as MGM Bulk.

"MGM is providing two services, the transport of timber product to and from our timber treaters, and the very important role for the reliable and safe transport service for our residues. 

"The removal of residues is essential for the manufacturing plant to operate. 

"MGM has commissioned new co-branded trucks for the transport services being provided to Wespine and has a strong focus on safety throughout our business as does MGM and the trucks being used include many added safety features, including driver fatigue alerts, helping keep the drivers safe. This safety aspect is very important to Wespine."

MGM Bulk will primarily be providing the transport service for Wespine's chip and sawdust residues. The residue is transported day and night from the Wespine site to a locally based particle board plant.

There are reported to be approximately 200 people directly employed at the mill, with thousands of people employed within the WA timber and other associated industries.

Wespine is a founding and still active member of the Federal Government funded South West Timber Hub, which is assisting to provide the timber industry in WA with an investment path forward for the longevity of the industry. It is also a member of the Forest Industries Federation of WA, the Australian Forest Products Association, and Forest and Wood Products Australia.

“Wespine looks forward to a very successful relationship with MGM as we work together to ensure the timber hub in the South West operates in the safest way possible," said Wespine Managing Director, Patrick Warrand.

August last year, MGM Group Workshop Manager, Allan Thomas, told Trailer Magazine that there were about 100 Kenworth trucks and over 300 trailers in operation built by Bruce Rock Engineering, Vawdrey Australia and Graham Lusty.

MGM Group customises its trailer fleet with the complete range of BPW axles, disc brakes and alloy hubs to deliver cost-effective transport and logistics solutions for Australia’s mining industry.

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