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New livestock transport standards for Victoria

  • Posted on Thursday 30th, May 2013.

New national standards for the transport of livestock have been introduced into Victoria to provide a consistent, welfare-focused approach to transporting farm animals and bring consistency to the way livestock are transported in Australia.

Agriculture and Food Security Minister, Peter Walsh, said the new standards had been developed in consultation with industry and welfare groups and applied to all livestock moved by road and rail. “The standards apply to all main commercial livestock species – namely cattle, sheep, goats and pigs – but they also apply to horses, deer, alpaca, buffalo, camels, emus, ostriches, and poultry,” Mr Walsh said.

“Unlike previous codes of practice these standards are being adopted in all Australian states and territories, bringing consistency to the way livestock are transported nationally, with the aim to ensure good welfare practices for all livestock journeys.

The new 'Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines – Land Transport of Livestock' had been adopted under the Victorian Livestock Management Act 2010.

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