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Port of Brisbane to follow suit with Federal Government policy

  • Posted on Monday 23rd, March 2020.

Maritime Safety Queensland has announced a 'Queensland Two Port Policy' which will see the Port of Brisbane align with Federal Government advice on receiving foreign vessels in Australia. Road transport and ocean freight advocates continue to monitor the situation.

The exception to this is vessels and crew from China and South Korea who will still be required to observe a 14-day isolation period until further notice.

MSQ has, according to the Australian Federation of International Forwarders (AFIF), observed a trend of vessel cancellations into the Port of Brisbane, cancellations that potentially bring a range of unintended consequences to the Queensland economy.

"Whilst I had hoped that other Australian states would align their protective measures with Queensland noting the gravity of the risk, this has not been the case," said MSQ General Manager, Angus Mitchell. "The consequence has been that Queensland, and the Port of Brisbane in particular, faces a disproportionate hit to import trade compared to neighbour states. This in-turn may place an additional strain on the freight network to relocate goods north to Queensland in the event vessels decide to unload in Sydney or Melbourne."

MSQ is addressing this situation by hosting a number of roundtable discussions with a broad range of partners.

To address this situation MSQ hosted a number of roundtable discussions with a broad range of industry partners today.

"As I have maintained all along, protecting our vital supply lines through protecting our maritime workforce remains my priority," said Mitchell. "Equally, however, I must ensure essential trade can be received into Queensland."

Last week, a MSQ ban on commercial ships entering ports in Queensland was under scrutiny by road transport and ocean freight advocates concerned with disruption to the supply of essential trade to the state.

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