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SQS receives three O’Phee retractable skels

  • Posted on Tuesday 23rd, June 2020.

Brisbane-based container freight specialist, SQS Haulage, has taken delivery of a trio of O’Phee retractable skels that will be used to haul 20' containers weighing 25 tonnes.

According to SQS Haulage Managing Director, Garry Solah, O’Phee Trailers has a well-earned reputation for building durable products that are finished to a high standard.

“O’Phee has a pretty solid reputation for producing quality trailers,” said Solah.

“One of the best things I like about them is the paint finish and preparation which I regard as second to none. They look great behind our Kenworth and Western Star prime movers.

“From my experience the paint finish on O’Phee trailers lasts longer and still looks fresh and bright years down the track.”

The new units will be put to work hauling heavy 20-foot containers around the greater Brisbane area, averaging four loads per day.

This means they will be retracted while heavily laden up to four times each day, which brings to light another advantage of the O’Phee units, according to Solah

“I also believe O’Phee retractable skels have the best sliding system in the market,” he said.

“They have multiple nylon pads and a roller system that reduces the friction, making it easier for the drivers and easier on the prime movers when retracting or extending the skel with a heavily loaded container onboard.”

The retractable skel is a necessary tool when hauling 20-foot containers that weigh upwards of 20 tonnes that need to be dock unloaded or loaded.

In the retracted position the rear of the container is situated at the rear of the trailer for loading or unloading.

The skel is then extended by releasing the locking pins and driving the prime mover forward while the trailer brakes remain engaged.

This positions the container forward of the tri-axle group to ensure legal axle group weights on the prime mover and trailer.

Founded in 1998 at Hemmant, SQS Haulage operates 27 prime movers pulling a variety of fixed and retractable skels hauling containers around south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales.

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