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Thinking ahead with Enmin

  • Posted on Friday 20th, March 2020.

The commercial road transport industry has proven itself a centre of technological innovations in recent years, with advances such as the current autonomous vehicle trend making headlines worldwide. While the grand announcements catch a significant share of attention, there are also important advances being made on the smaller end of the scale that are shaking things up.

A case in point is the recently updated range of truck vibrators from Enmin Vibratory Equipment, which has identified the potential for future issues with material compaction in the ever-expanding tipper bodies. The sizes of tipper bodies have increased significantly in recent years as operators take on more equipment approved under the country’s high productivity Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme. As the capacity of cargo in the tipper bin increases, so too does the issue of material compaction.

“High frequency vibration from an Enmin truck vibrator can be used to break the cohesive force that binds particles,” says Anthony. “Once the bonds are broken and the friction co-efficient between material and the tray body is restored, material will slip right out of the tipper.”
To prepare for the future enlargements to Australia’s tipper fleets, the Enmin truck vibrator range has been overhauled to add a variety of solutions to the many possible material flow problems.

According to Enmin Vibratory Equipment General Manager, Anthony Gallaher, the key is not to keep up, but to lead the charge.

“Engineering advances in truck vibrators has reached a level where we can now offer electric, hydraulic and pneumatic options,” Anthony says – adding that the variety of different models are all supplied with complete installation kits. “Truck vibrators are easily installed with minimal modifications to the trailer body – fitting by any competent auto electrician is all that is needed. Now, Enmin truck vibrators can operate from the truck’s battery system using 12- or 24-volt power, with just a few seconds of high frequency, high energy force enough to coerce even stubborn, compacted material from a tipper body.”

Anthony says the advancements to Enmin’s vibration technology are always made with the operator’s needs as a priority. “We looked at the industry and forged the way forward with these new options to suit most fleet operations.”

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