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WABCO Australia on building a community

  • Posted on Tuesday 19th, May 2020.

In lieu of hosting onsite training and troubleshooting sessions due to Covid-19, WABCO Australia has established a new system to facilitate remote learning and technical support for workshops and distributors.

Recent measures to slow the spread of coronavirus such as social distancing has impacted how fleet operators and workshop managers typically deal with WABCO Australia on everything from troubleshooting hardware installations to manually programming Electronic Braking Systems (EBS).

In an attempt to improve customer service and communication during these uncertain times, the technology company has launched an official YouTube channel which is now available to the public.

Following ADR38 changes in November last year, WABCO Product Support Manager, Blair Rundle, says the uptake of EBS has since increased and if the system is to be truly operational then it needs to be in working order.

“So, we thought with the current situation we would put together some step-by-step instructions,” he says.  “It helps us, our distributors and Service Partners to offer the WABCO service that people expect from our product while we actively practice social distancing.” 

This foray into online education is new for WABCO Australia.

“Previously we found onsite training at our facility in Melbourne was the best way to teach workshop staff our systems because the interaction between attendees allowed for more productive and practical sessions,” Blair says. “But, for now – while we are in lockdown – the next best thing is to transfer these tutorials online.”

The videos that WABCO Australia aim to publish will cover a range of topics.

“Initially, the videos loaded on the channel help users download our programs, install the diagnostic software, connect to a trailer and read the diagnostic data from the trailer,” Blair says. “We will then discuss what tests to use within the software and why the test can help diagnose faults. Faults like speed sensor or power issues can be picked up using the software and can speed up the identification and repair job.  Surprisingly we still get asked very basic questions regarding how a warning light works, so these things will also be addressed in the videos.”

TX-TRAILERPULSE, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution, combining real-time track and trace functionality, is ideal for remote trailer diagnostics. It is WABCO’s most recent trailer telematics unit. The device has been specifically designed to capture a maximum of data on all trailer types fitted with WABCO TEBS. On top of its track and trace capabilities, TX-TRAILERPULSE captures and forwards Electronic Braking System (EBS) data sourced from WABCO EBS E generation systems. The unit is capable of relaying data from available WABCO braking, stability, efficiency and safety systems to the back office systems.

“Modern fleets in Australia are chasing remote diagnostics via telematics,” Blair says. “WABCO’s TX-TRAILERPULSE is in the Australian market and it is set to be a valuable addition to the Intelligent Trailer Program (ITP) suite. Fleet workshops like the idea of being able to diagnose a warning light while not having the vehicle in the workshop.”

Also, TX-TRAILERFIT, a web-based software application that addresses topics related to maintenance and uptime management, can be used to download Operating Data Report (ODR) information.

“Fleets that are looking to educate drivers can now download this report and remotely assess the data and use it for driver education,” Blair says.

“There is an option to receive notifications via email and back office programs for alerts on tyre pressures, amber/red EBS warning lights, harsh braking and ABS/RSS interventions. Included in these emails are map locations of the alerts. 

“Ultimately, WABCO’s video tutorials are designed to offer support to workshops and distributors ‘around the clock’ and enable safer roads with trailer systems that work and function as they are intended to.”

(Image: WABCO EBS trailer modulator.)

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