Northline shares CEO update

Craige Whitton, CEO of transport and logistics company, Northline, is proud of how his team and customers have worked together amid Covid-19.

Whitton said 2020 has been a year like no other and it continues to bring about significant challenges for customers, employees and the wider community.

“As an essential service, we’ve been lucky to be able to continue operating, albeit slightly differently, to ensure service continuity for customers to help them continue operating as normally as possible within the restrictions,” he said. “We appreciate the support received throughout the year from our customers as the situation has evolved.”

In addition to adapting its operations, Northline has also continued to invest in its business. The company launched an online customer portal this year, Connect, which provides a system for customers to create freight movements, pick-up requests and track and trace freight.

Later this month the company will also launch a new website.

“The site also demonstrates Northline’s growing international network and technologies designed to keep customers engaged and informed at every step of the logistics process,” said Whitton.

In other news, Northline assisted the National Transport Hall of Fame by updating roadside signage.

The National Road Transport Hall of Fame, based in Alice Springs, is an initiative of the Road Transport Historical Society Inc. – a community-based volunteer organisation dedicated to the preservation of Australia’s unique road transport heritage.

Northline has had a 1981 Ford Louisville prime mover on display in the Hall of Fame’s truck museum since 2013.