OMFB unveils new safety valve

The new purpose-designed valve is set to deliver unrivalled hoist lowering speeds for tipper applications.

In Australia, all tippers are required to include protection against the effects of hose failure. In other words, to stop a body falling uncontrollably if a hose bursts.

The local market is served by a handful of different valves, that are fitted directly to the tipping hoist, to offer this protection. Some of these valves are generic or catalogue valves, which means they are not products that have been designed specifically for the application in which they are used.

OMFB has just announced the release of its first Hoist Safety Valve, a solution purpose-designed from the ground up specifically for tipper applications. The new one-inch pneumatically piloted valve, is the most commonly used version and has an impressive maximum flow rating of 200 L/min.

A common complaint with many valves is that they can slow the descent speed of the tipping hoist. Performance in this regard is directly related to the pressure drop across the valve at a given flow rate. In other words, the more oil that can flow through the valve, the less restrictive it will be and the lower the impact on descent speeds.

Hoist Safety Valve – HSV200P.

The team at OMFB is confident that its valve offers the best performance on the market in this regard and is therefore proud to claim being able to deliver unrivalled hoist lowering speeds. The valve also includes an emergency override feature. More good news is that the stock is ready for immediate delivery, with electrically operated versions to be available soon.

OMFB recently set a new industry benchmark with its three-year extended warranty program, which allows the business to offer a better repair and/or replacement process.

OMFB offers a comprehensive range of hydraulics solutions such as Power Take-Off (PTO) units and pumps, including variable-displacement piston pumps, and bent-axis piston pumps including dual-flow models for operating two circuits simultaneously from a single oil supply. On the tipper side, OMFB offers a range of valves, some of which feature dual-pressure relief that is ideal for trucks that interchange between towing semi-tipper and moving floor trailers.

The Italian-based company, Officina Meccanica Fratelli Bianchi (translated to Bianchi Brothers Mechanical Workshop), has had a rapidly growing portfolio since it was established as a modest family business in 1950. It is a pioneer in hydraulic and technical solutions with its own state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Italy, that produces 100 per cent in-house solutions for various trucking and industrial applications. Growth in the past decade has seen OMFB expand its production facilities (totalling 25,000 square metres) and increase its storage capacity in order to strengthen its presence in various market segments. To this day, the business in Italy is still represented by Umberto, one of the three founding brothers, and his son, Amedeo.

With an aim to better support customer needs as well as facilitate product development, OMFB entered various international markets including Australia (OMFB Pacific), China and France to mark its 70th anniversary year.
Its dealer network provides industry complete access to the OMFB portfolio of hydraulics equipment with peace of mind when it comes to product quality and supply.