On the front foot with flexibility

To answer strong customer demand, ORIX Australia has added new Vawdrey B-double curtain-side sets to its nationwide rental fleet.

To meet the ever-growing needs of its customers, ORIX has expanded its rental fleet with several shiny new sets of Titeliner B-double trailers supplied by Vawdrey Australia.

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to be a major burden on Australia’s supply chain network, ORIX maintains it will continue to invest heavily in new trailers for its rental fleet to support the often fluid demands of its transport and logistics customers.

Renting, according to ORIX, enables operators to maintain the necessary numbers of vehicles in their fleets at any given time without the upfront costs and credit constraints of buying.
Ultimate flexibility in fleet numbers is assured as units can be added or subtracted as required. This is particularly pertinent during times of peak demand, such as the Christmas period.

For the past 20 years, ORIX has worked closely with Paul Vawdrey, Director of Vawdrey Australia, to ensure the company’s line-up of lease and rental assets is ideally tailored to the needs of its customers to meet their short and long-term requirements.

“The quality of the products and, equally importantly, the aftersales support provided by Vawdrey are very strong,” Grant Harrison, General Manager of ORIX Rental, stresses: “which is why we chose Vawdrey for our most recent B-double acquisitions.”

Grant reiterates that Vawdrey’s aftersales support was a critical factor in ORIX’s determination to continue to invest in Vawdrey equipment.

The Vawdrey rental trailers that ORIX offers are said to be especially versatile for general freight carriers. For instance, the standard Vawdrey Titeliner (curtain-sider) trailer comes complete with hanging gates and load restraint rated curtains. These trailers generally see interstate service along the Eastern Seaboard – one of Australia’s busiest transport corridors.
ORIX lays claim to being the only national commercial vehicle rental company with a national fleet management and leasing service combined.

The company says this allows it to provide rentals for as little as one day, through to leases lasting five years or more. Part of the complete service package involves providing telematics and a customer portal called ORIX OneView, along with extensive reporting to ensure customers have full visibility to critical information at all times.

Grant explains that for transport operators considering equipment for long or short-term use, there are several advantages with renting or leasing, including the elimination of upfront costs and the credit constraints that can come with ownership.

“With renting, it’s a low investment over a shorter period, which frees up capital that can be put to good use elsewhere,” he says.

“In addition, ORIX’s wide range of modern vehicle assets are optimally maintained and feature high levels of safety equipment that can assist transport operators with streamlining their operations and containing costs.” The company offers complete transport equipment rental packages with maintenance and roadside assistance all included in the rental price.

Above all, Grant continues, when a business needs to quickly change its fleet numbers either up or down, renting enables ultimate flexibility.

“Depending on availability, you can rent or de-hire assets as and when your needs change – so you only pay for what you actually need at any given time.”

Fast Fact
ORIX mostly utilises original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and dealerships for its scheduled maintenance and servicing requirements. However, the firm also provides its customers with 24/7 coverage for on-road breakdowns through an accredited national network of service providers.

Fast Fact
While the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up considerable challenges for Australia’s transport sector, ORIX’s latest B-double trailer combinations from Vawdrey Australia are helping support both large and small customers in meeting their up-to-the-minute transport fleet requirements.