Online training made easy

BPW Transpec’s Australian Online Product Training videos are modelled on a similar series called Trailer Buddies produced by the BPW Transpec Group in Germany.

Trailer Buddies is a special YouTube format video produced by BPW with the intent of reaching professionals in workshops via the social media channels. Topics such as the ECO hub principle including disassembly and assembly procedures, AirSave tyre pressure maintenance system servicing and special tools used to service TS2 disc brake callipers are among the Trailer Buddies training videos.

Stephen Du Toit came up with the idea of creating Online Product Training Videos for the Australian market. The idea for these videos came about during the Covid shutdown period when Stephen could not travel and therefore couldn’t conduct training sessions as per usual.

Stephen describes these videos as a great tool for workshops and repairers to offer training to their staff as they provide greater flexibility on when training can be conducted as the videos are easily accessed online.

Some of the topics that will be covered include Automatic Slack Adjusters; Steer Axles; Eco Plus/ Eco Plus 3 Bearing Adjustment; TSB/ TS2 Callipers; Set Air Suspension Ride Height and Measure Axle Journals.

The first video detailing the Setting and Testing of Automatic Slack Adjusters on BPW Drum Braked Axles has already been uploaded to the BPW Transpec website.

In the video, Stephen emphasises that the correct initial setup of the automatic slack adjuster is critical to gaining maximum performance, reliability and longevity from the braking system components.

“It’s important to understand that automatic slack adjusters do not automatically set themselves,” Stephen says. “Rather, they automatically maintain the initial setting done by the mechanic.”

According to Andrew Moutsios, National Parts and Victorian Original Equipment Sales and Operations Manager for BPW Transpec, the Covid shutdown was the catalyst for Stephen Du Toit to start creating the Online Product Training Videos.

“Predominantly, Stephen’s role is to travel the country and hold training sessions on our varied range of BPW products with workshops and some of the reselling stores,” Andrew says.

“This is so people become familiar with and know what they’re selling, and also so they can be familiarised with how to service and repair our products in accordance with the guidelines and service manuals.”

Andrew explains that the short videos replicate in an online format what Stephen teaches in ‘real world’ conditions in his travels around the country – when not restricted by Covid shutdowns.

He agrees that in these unprecedented times there was a need to find a new way of providing the training, particularly given the tech-savvy of the younger generation of tradespeople.

He also acknowledges that this method might be necessary for some time to come, given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic and its resurgence in recent times.

“Stephen had a series of training sessions organised but unfortunately they had to be cancelled because of the latest outbreak in Melbourne,” Andrew says.

“So he’s now working on a number of new training videos.”

The link to the videos can be found on the BPW Transpec website under the ‘Service & Training’ tab at

Fast Fact
BPW Transpec is developing a series of Online Product Training Videos with the intention of enabling workshop staff to be educated and informed about best practice maintenance and repair procedures relating to BPW components.