Operator revels in family-first approach to business

A national container logistics operator, headquartered in New South Wales, has made a compelling case for being an employer of choice.

As an employer of choice, according to ACFS Port Logistics, there are no set hours in senior management roles – work is a lifestyle.

“ACFS Directors have requested that all Divisional Managers, State Managers and National Managers take one weeks’ leave prior to 30 July,” ACFS Port Logistics said in a statement.

“This will be company paid leave, in addition to annual leave so they can take some time with family and or friends, as a show of gratitude by the business.

“All other white collar employees will receive an unexpected end of financial year bonus. It’s acknowledged and appreciated that white collar employees are on a flat salary, and have really worked hard in a tough industry environment.”

Last year, ACFS Port Logistics Director and CEO, Arthur Tzaneros, detailed the strong and loyal relationship of trust he has established with Vawdrey Australia.