PACCAR Parts shares praise for SAF-Holland

Damian Smethurst, General Manager of PACCAR Parts, presented the Supplier of the Year trophy to Mario Colosimo, Managing Director of SAF-Holland, congratulating the company and crediting them for their benchmark performance.

PACCAR Parts Materials Manager, Colin Brown, praised SAF-Holland’s performance.

“The environment in which we operated last year allowed the truly great organisations to clearly stand out above the rest and SAF-Holland was one of those organisations.

“With them, we were able to operate largely under a business as usual environment, which is a reflection on the team at SAF-Holland and how they manage their business.

“They have managed the crisis extremely well and their Operations teams should be commended on their performance throughout last year. Nothing short of amazing.”

Colosimo graciously received the award.

“SAF-Holland Australia are proud to have won the award,” he said.

“All SAF-Holland staff have contributed in some way to the service level that has been recognised by PACCAR.

“Special thanks go to both Phil Crosbie and Brett Birkett for their efforts towards improving our performance with PACCAR Parts, and indeed with our whole aftermarket parts business.

“In these busy and trying times, when on occasion we may feel that our best is not good enough, it is reassuring to know that our efforts are appreciated by our customers. It is also important for us to recognise the importance of PACCAR Parts to our business, their professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit gives us something to aspire to.”